Major GMD Club Update!

Here is a list of changes:

  • We have updated Achievements which are still a work in progress and we are in the process of converting as Player Game Reports come in. More Achievements will go live. Read about and see the Achievements HERE
  • One of the major changes has to be Loyalty Points. We have changed these to Perks. This will speed up games for GMs and be easier for players to get achievements updates and Loyalty Points. Loyalty Points are on the left side bar of Your Profile Page, which can be viewed HERE.
  • To learn what you can do with your Perks. Visit this area HERE. Members get more for ALL of their characters rather then juggling Loyalty Points.
  • The Games Calendar has been changed. Instead of paying for a games ticket, we have changed it to a standard sign up form with the ability to list Players who are taking part and their character notes. This is very helpful to GMs, this way they can see who is taking part in their games. See the latest Games Calendar HERE.
  • We¬†will integrate more and more over the next few months until we have switched fully over.
  • To help with the launch of the new features we have given the site a new crisp face lift.
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