Lord of the Rings: Dark Mage of Rhudaur – Session 5

Continuing their journey to Thuin Boid suddenly the wagons wheel breaks … Once again, But as the party go about fixing it an arrow strikes the horse killing it. Bandits then strike at the party. A mighty battle ensues. Faylen falls to an arrow in the head. Griffo notices more horsemen racing towards their position. Pointing out the bandits reinforcement, He dashes away with Drogo and Lessa on his Tail. Peren soon races after them and once Berenger and Dilothanor have finished killing the bandits also give chase, but find themselves with a host of horsemen trying to run them down.

Running for their lives they make for a copse of trees. Griffo casts a spell on the foliage about them to hinder the bandits pursuit, but only temporarily. Arrows fly after them as they charge into the woods with the bandits hot on their heels.

What player won MVP? Read on…


2nd Place: RICH


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