Lord of the Rings: Dark Mage of Rhudaur – Session 22

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Deep within the halls of Blogarth the party start to explore.

After some time they enter what appears to be an abandoned common room. But They notice three whole covered with dust and grime on the far wall.

Without hesitation, Berenger plunges his sword point into the first hole and sets off the ceiling trap that collapsed upon him and Dillothanor.

Lucky to survive and a few bennies later Dillothanor retreats, As Berenger plunges his sword point into the second hole only to find the wall fall in on top of him…

Bloodied and bruised he climbs out of the rubble… Th eDwarf Peren says out of my way cretin and walks in and sets off the third trap as spears erupt out of the wall into him.

The party feeling a little cautious now… see’s a large pile of ancient coins and immediately go full-greed and Drogo, Berenger and Lessa plough in to fill their bags… That is when Berenger spots an invisible box amongst the coins…

Taking hold of the box without thought, I mean three traps have already gone off what else could possibly happen?

Thats right .. you guessed…

A whirlwind picks up swirling the coins about an intense speed cutting flesh and throwing the party about the room!

Dilothanar manages to secure the coins but the tornado keeps attempting to throw the party about smashing them off walls… eventually rendering Peren unconscious.

Drogo manages to open the box to find a strange stone inside. Berenger snatches it up and immediately changes his demeanour threatening the party as they attempted to take the stone from him.. it his.. his own!

Dilothanor secures Berenger with a spell and snatches the stone for himself and seems to resist the stone’s power.

The party continue to descend deeper into the halls …

What player won MVP? Read on…



3rd Place: PEREN

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