Lord of the Rings: Dark Mage of Rhudaur – Session 2


Arriving finally at the Inn of the Last Bridge, with the rising of a blizzard. Falen orders his guards to unload his wares and get his wagon and horse to safety, Drogo seeks food inside the inn. Lessa seek the Inn keepers son Ledden to assist with the stables. Ledden says he will lock up and the heroes enter the inn for warmth. They eat heartily and Dilothanar speaks to a strange wiry old man who talks in riddles saying something about the dark is deep and the beast waits beneath, he walks in the shadows of the forest, the way down is hidden by hunters in the snow. The mystery also brings Lessa to talk to the man but neither can gain any sense from him. They all return to finish their meal and realize that Ledden has not returned. Lessa goes to investigate, and finds the stables open a horse missing and large prints in the snow, she hears a call for help from deep within the blizzard and catches a glimpse  of a large dark shape walking off with a horse and the boy into the dark of the night. Lessa follows into the woods and down into a small valley where the shadow disappears into a cave, leaving clues to her direction. The group eventually go looking for Lessa who has not returned, gathering their belongings they go in search of her. Soon they discover her laying in the snow freezing to death. Drogo tends to her reviving her from her frozen state, while the others attack a troll trying to pull a man sized boulder to seal off the entrance to its cave.. .The troll attacks… Dillothanar sneaks into the cave in search of the boy only to find another six trolls who gives chase to him back out of the cave. Meanwhile the group engage the largest of the trolls that attacked them.. Griffo takes a Troll club straight to his guts that send shim sprawling across the snow, Peren smashes the trolls knees and keeps it away from his companions as Lessa and Drogo pepper it with arrows, It refuses to go down. The party now in trouble as Dilothanar runs from the cave with trolls on his heals…

What player won MVP? Read on…


2nd Place: CHAD

3rd Place: EUSI

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