Lord of the Rings: Dark Mage of Rhudaur – Session 1


The first session is mainly the character build session but we kicked off with the starter encounter [For testing the character builds etc]…
Our Heroes:

Berengar [NoQuarter]: A Beorning Warrior

Drogo [Chad]: Hobbit Rogue

Lessa [Dragongirl]: Silvan Elf Archer

Perran [Eusi]: Dwarf Warrior

Griffo [Silvereagle]: Hobbit Hedge Mage

Dillothanar [RICH]: Noldar Elf Wizard

The heroes have left Bree signing on as guards to a Falens Wagon heading to Thuin Boid along the Great East Road. With only a quarter of their long journey left, snow has started to settle on the countryside and by nightfall they aim to reach Rhudaur and shelter in the cozy confines of the Inn of the Last Bridge on the Western regions of the Trollshaws. As evening draws in the sounds of wolves echo about them and they find themselves surrounded. The leader of the wolves is a Warg called Faragash, But when it speaks and calls his wolves to attack this shocks the players and out of the edge of the icy drifts more wolves appear [Silvereagle plays an adventure card to double the amount of enemy to fight! draining the team of bennies and at one point I really though I was going to have a party TPK on the first encounter… Luckily the players dice rolls turned for the better and saved them!] Defeating the wolves and Faragash, they find a strange ‘H’ sigil on his collar and progress towards the safety of the Inn.

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: NOQUARTER

2nd Place: CHAD

3rd Place: RICH

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