LoR – The Raven Claw Wand

Setting: LoR


Interface: Fantasy Grounds 2

Coms: Discord

Length of Event: Ongoing Campaign

Frequency of Play: Once a Month

Start Time: 7pm UK Time

End time: 10:30pm UK Time

Fantasy Characters from the LoR CORE World

Set in the far reaches of Elarsa, a Xenophobic nation, led by a Xenophobic, Meglomnanic of a King, who believes he is the descendant of the king of the gods ‘Manius’!

Dangers lurk everywhere, especially for the non-Laōs. The Koranthos Forest stretches the full length of the Eastern Coast, where the Shae-du reside. The Broken Isles scatter across the Eastern seas where Spartoi pirates thrive…

Our heroes start their journey in the Southern portions of Elarsa under the watchful gaze of the Polis (City) of Asteros.

But not all is peaceful for long…

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