LoR Setting – Chapter 2: History of LoR

The gods once walked upon the very land where you now tread. Their blood flowed across the sands of the beaches and their loved ones washed away by the tides of time. Their souls rose to join the stars and become immortal.
But their war has not been forgotten. Their war has torn apart the lands of LoR, and from Oros Askalon, the source of their power, they ruled. A holy mythical place believed to lay within the heart of Stygia, whoes very rocks form islands amongst seas of lava ,The Styx. which is also believed to lead to the gates of Hades and the realms of the Underworld, where the Stealer of Souls rules.
Eaons ago before the coming of the gods, The Shae ruled the lands of LoR. But the mighty kingdom of Sahe-Du Annon now all but lost to legends and myth, was consumed, when Askalon fell from the skies. The Shae-Du Annon were scattered and fled to the West and swore to see the end of the Askalonians. Whilst their cousins the Shae-Du Darians held fast within their forest realms of Koranthos beneath the ring mountains of Oros Daria. Their task to see that the gates of Tartarus never open. But the Askalonians were not the only ones to come. With them 12 more fell scattered across the face of LoR, Sundering land and oceans alike, and so arose the Zoidiakos, the beasts of the stars. Their king, Leon sought the throne of Askalon and waged war. But a champion rose from the realms of LoR. Manius who stopped Leon and trapped the Zoidiakos Kings within Pandora.
Manius rose to claim the Throne of Askalon as the ancient gods left and faded from memory. So started the reign of the Heros. But Ajax sought the throne for himself and that of the love of Byrene. Amassing an army of Spartoi and Dragons and those who worshipped him, he waged war on Askalon. Manius’s rage was mighty and after defeating the trecherous Ajax, he cast out the Heros for daring to move aginst his rule and closed their way home to the realms of the gods. The Heros were now hunted by the Shae-Du Annon who hated them all and the forces of Echidna, Mother of all monsters who plotted in the dark pits of Tartarus to release her children onto the land.
The realms of Shae-Du Daria was shattered as the gates of Tartaus was breached and the Shae-Du betrayed and out poured the childred of Echidna, The Khthonioi. Led by Belor Lord of fire, suffering and pain. But Queen Lysimache sacrificed her life to trap the Demons of Tartarus within Shae-Du Daria. A barrier wrapped itself about the realm of the Shae, and Daria’s citizens fled into the forests of Koranthos, led by the twin daughters of Lysimache.
The Shae-Du sent emessaries, the twin daughters of their dead queen themselves, to the Lands of the Heros seeking aid.
Princess Daria was sent to Elarsa, but refused to speak of her time there, but war broke out between the Shae-Du Darians and King Titos of Elarsa. Princess Lara travelled South to Xerba and sought audience with Queen Athay, who in turn begged Manius to send aid. Manius granted Athay her wish and between the King of the Gods and his Queen, Byrene they created a storm of stones that fell to the lands of LoR. Where the grey stones of Manius fell, man rose and where the pure white stones of Byrene fell, so rose woman. Together they become the Laos, the stone born. Manius decreed, ‘I give LoR to the Laos to rule, where my children the Heros have failed.’
The Heros did not take kindly to such a decree and a new war was born. The Shae took side of both the Heros and the Laos, The Zoidiakos fought against the Heros, as did the Titan Born Gurn and Skarn of the North. The Naonos and Stygians fought beside the Heros.
When the fog of war settled the land was torn apart once more and split amongst the survivors. The threat of the Khthonioi, the children of Echidna, was all but forgotten.
The mountains of Oros Daria became darker as the evil of the Khthonioi spread and the Shadow of the Mountain grew longer and Queen Lysimache’s power began to wane…
It is a time once more for heros and Laos to rise and become the Champions they were born to be!