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LoR: Legends of Rhea – Core RPG


What is LoR?

LoR (Legends of Rhea) started out as a home-brew Fantasy RPG I designed back in 1998. It was originally called Fantasy Quest. I show boated Fantasy Quest at various Gaming Conventions. I wanted a set of rules that was easy to pick up and use to create an almost persistent gaming world to use all over different clubs and conventions. Players could return to the game and continue with their character and the team of NPC companions they had collected along the way. Unfortunately I could not afford the technology to do this and the tech today was not available so easily back then.

Fantasy Quest then became developed for the Game Store and Game Club that I owned back in those days. I used the rules as a base for a large campaign. So was born LoR. I used the system that was loved by all the players for many years to run several successful and enjoyable campaigns.

What setting is it set in?

Originally the setting was the World of LoR. A typical fantasy setting with a variety of cultures. It was nothing different to any other setting. So I redeveloped the system to incorporate some new mechanic ideas to change the world. I started a new campaign this time after a major cataclysm. The Gods squabbled among themselves and they destroyed the world as the players knew it. This allowed the changes to take place.

The history was that the heroes were born from the ashes of this squabble. Eons passed since the Rage of Zeus and he left to via the portal of Olympos to other Dimensions where his rule was being challenged. He left the world of Rhea (named after his mother) to the children of the Pantheon. It was their descendants and legacies, their legends that rose from the ashes of a war torn world to carve their own destinies, or the destiny the fates had in store for them.

So LoR changed and become a fantasy game with a different twist to it in 2004. I also used the word to develop a NWN Persistant World server called LoR Online. Which I have started to recreate in 2017 using NWN2. see www.loronline.co.uk

But I have a different vision for the LoR rules. I wish to make them a set of Core RPG rules that can be used for ANY setting.  I plan to use them for my Starfall setting a space fantasy. Even for my Pendragon Supers setting.

But that is time off yet.

What are the base mechanics?

The mechanics are very easy. Highest Wins.

All rolls are opposed rolls. Roll the required die and face off against the opposed rolls. highest roll wins. These can be adjusted using spells, Aspects granted by bloodline, Perks (Used to be called abilities, changed thanks to Cantorian who suggested the title be used here at GMDraeus.co.uk), LoR Points or Action Cards.

Hit points for PC’s and Major NPC’s used to be attrition based. But I have changed this to be represented by the Action Cards that used to have to be purchased with LoR Points. Each time a character suffers health loss, they loose action cards until they have none left, they become defeated with a chance to perish.

With the run of a pilot session requested by Premium Members LoR could potentially return to my gaming calendar! It is exciting times.


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