LoR Races Sneak Preview

Here is a preview of some of the LoR Campaign Setting Races, more to follow.

LoR is a fantasy setting with a Savage Barbaric Ancient World feel to it. Civilisation is born beneath the rule of the gods of Azkalon and their children walk the lands battle titanic monsters.

Half man half horse is seen in most regions of the world in herds and civilised society.

The God Born used to hold positions of power now are either feared, revered or hated depending on Regions and local situations.

These Barbarians Live in the Mountains of Ska that provide a border between Hyperboraeos and Naloi

The Laōs or Stone Born are humans that dominate the world in all regions. Manius, King of the gods decreed that LoR now belongs to the stone-born after the great god war.

There were once many tribes of the Shae-Dubefore the coming of the Azkalonians on their mountain of fire, many now extinct or scattered. The Main Shae-Du are the Shae-Du Darians who live in the heart of Elarsa deep within the forest kingdom of Koranthos. But many tribes of Shae-Du can be found throughout the world.

The Children of Ajax, God of War. Spartoi can be found throughout the world in handfuls of communities. But their mighty nation of Deltos can be found across the broken sea East of Elarsa.

The Gyrn are the descendants of the Titans. These giants serve noble families across the globe. But can be mainly found in the lands of Naloi

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