Apologies for the crudeness of this page, I will develop it as time goes on.


This page has been set up for Patron Members to view and comment on Core Rules after play testing.

It will eventually contain all the character generation rules and then all the rules necessary to run a game of LoR.  Patron Members will have free access to the full set of rules.

Content below is for Patron Members only.


LoR Core Rules

The LoR Core RPG will be split up into Chapters to make referencing the rules in comments and other platforms easier.

As each chapter has information available they will be turned into Italics with a link to the designated page. Not all pages will be completed but have a preview of the rules.

Chapter 1: Creating a Character

Chapter 4: Skills

Chapter 5: Perks

Chapter 6: Aspects

Chapter 8: Personality Traits

Chapter 9: Celestial Power


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