LoR Core RPG Rules Update

Over the past week GMD has been working long hours to update the rules in time for the first Campaign Play Test, using the Character Generation System.


Action Points

Action Point shave been removed and the game has reverted back to it’s original design of standard actions.

Careful consideration has been given to the types of actions that can be performed to accommodate the new Perk system and still give it a tactical feel that the Action Points gave. It also allows for a faster play during battle. As in a lot of systems game scan become bogged down in long winded rounds. The battle scenes are now exciting and fast paced, just like the original LoR.


Health has been reduced to accommodate the original LoR Rules. Although the old rules was a attrition based system, LoR has been changed so that the amount of Wounds are considerably lower then the original game, This make combat a little more deadly. Standard wounds that be taken in a standard strike is 1. But on lucky rolls this could be increased, but rarely.

Side Kicks are designed to go down quickly leaving Heroes and Villains a threat that requires team work. Villains are more likely to last for several round of battle against a party of Heroes preventing anti-climatic one shot kills. But some heroes are considerably weaker than others so it’s all about the character build!


The New Stun rules have been changed so that it is no longer a statistic. Now Stun effects Initiative and can prevent a Hero from having a go on a poor initiative roll, due to being stunned!


An attempt to change initiative to a more dynamic tactical phase seemed like a good idea, but the decision to return to the original Initiative system has been made. It is fast, exciting and heroes have a chance to have multiple goes within the round.

Character Creation

Some changes have been made to the character creation rules to reflect the changes in the core rules. Starting Health and Skills especially are the major changes.


LoR Originally was a single dice roll with modifiers. I decided to change this to a dice pool, but this seemed to confuse new players to how the mechanics worked. The idea of LoR is to have a simple system that does not bog down the game in rules, but concentrates in story. So skills are now a modifier. During the play test, it was amazing just how fast it was.


Some changes have been made to the Perks, mainly changes from dice pools to modifiers. In some cases a few Perks have been completely reworded and updated.



Spells have been added to the online rule book. This is just a base set of spells and is in need of play testing.

These power are the core of all types of magic. Spells, Magic Items and even Powers gifted by the bloodline of Demi-Gods.

An attempt has been made to make these spells as versatile as possible. Allowing for manipulating their effects during the game, not only on purchase.

More Spells will follow as will Perks, & Role Templates.

Take a look over the rules now and do your own play testing.

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