LoR Core RPG Progress

Today with the help of the community The Tabletop Simulator interface set up was adjusted to make Play Testing go quicker and smoother. 

Action Points & Turn Sequence

After making adjustments to the character sheets so that the dice was shown rather than the levels. I decided to make alterations to the Health, Stun, Power and Action Points. 

Health, Stun & Power all seem at a glance to transfer over without any issues. I will test this Thursday!

Our focus was on the Action Points and if the Turn Tracker worked. 

Turn Tracker Worked a treat and will get a full play test on Thursday.

Action Points: Worked out ok for the Warrior but was a concern for the wizard that would have far too many! It had became unbalanced. So a decision was made to keep the AP level and cost for now the same this will also be play tested on Thursday!

Thursdays Play Test FOCUS
Action Points, Health, Power, Stun

Character Cards are looking mighty fine!


It has been agreed they are far easier to use than the character sheets. I will design the character Sheets based on these cards in the PDF / Printed book formats. I will also create an online character generator too. 

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