LoR Core RPG Playtest

The Play test was mainly to teach using the Tabletop Simulator [TTS] interface so that we can use it for future play tests. Also a lot of the time was explaining the data on the character sheets too, but we did manage to go through a couple of turns before time ran out. In those couple of turns players started to understand how it worked, which was a positive result.

Feedback Review

I have given the feedback some thought and ran through some advanced tactics. Here is an update of changes.

TTS Wise:

Character Sheets – I will change the LEVEL to Dice Types, so instead of Level 3 The character sheet will display d8. 

DicePool Cards – Instead of space to put a tone of dice, there will be a text area where you can write a list of commonly used dice pools. [I could eventually script this so that it auto rolls that dice pool] So it would look like

  • EG: Dice Pool Dice to Roll: Sword Attack D8 D6, Sword Damage 2d6, Dodge [defence] D6 D4, DMG Resist d12 d4 d8

What I will do is actually swap the Character sheets out for play testing with Pre-gen characters with nice fancy display of the pools and dice symbols… This way you would drag the required dice into the dice tray and if you get bonus dice. I as a GM can just place them into your tray to scoop up and roll… [Will test this at next Play Test]I think this will reduce the confusion on what dice to roll, Also I might just put a pile of dice on the table close to each player so you can drag them into your tray as and when needed with out have to locate the dice bags. This might help too.. Again will test this. 

Grid – Adjusted so that it is more visible. 

Models – Models will have bases that can be colour coded to match Players Colour for quick referencing. 

AP – Basic AP’s added to the Character Sheet.

LoR Core Rules Updates:

Stances: Stances will be removed. 

PERKS & Plot Cards: Perks and Cards can be played regardless. Perks still require 4 AP and Cards 1 Momentum. 

Role-Play: Characters to RP their actions etc once they are used to using the rules.Once more thanks all for play testing. 

I will try and sort another out for Thursday and organise a quick Dungeon Crawl to Play test Gaining XP and using skills etc in different situations to solve puzzles traps and combat. I will make sure the table is pre-setup to save time too.

Community Feedback:

Dragongirl74: That sounds great! Should make things much simpler. Though, by the end of the session it was sinking in more


Fulgrim/Spike: Awesome I don’t mind play testing any of that before you do a 6 player demo

Eusi: Count me in too, but i must say that the dice bags were not a problem to me, i found them easy to access and to replace any dice not in use after that particular round

Pre-gen Character Sheet preview:


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