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List of available Races

Race List

Shae-Du (Elf)

Native to Shae-du Daria, the ringed mountain deep within the forest of Koranthos. When the Khthonioi rose from the gates of Tartarus during the great war their Queen Lysimache [Priestess of Athene] gave her life to form a barrier to hold the devils within, in turn turning changing Shae-du Daria into its own hell… It’s citizens fled the Polis of Shae-du Daria and now reside in small communities in the forests of Koranthos that surround it. Hoping one day that they can return.

Shae-du are descendants from the gods and Nymphs of old.

They choose 1 Aspect from Nature [Any], Hope [Light, Creation, life& order].

Shae-du gain [+] in:


Hérós (God Born)

The ancient greek word for Protector & defender. Hérós are legacies of the gods themselves. The gods blood flows through their veins and these demi-gods are capable of taping into such raw power. Depending on their Legacy opens Aspects for them to use to aid them on the path of the Moirai [Fates].

Hérós Chooses 1 Aspects from any Legacy.

Hérós gain [+3MOD] in:
Stat associated with Aspect of choice.


Stygians are the guardian’s of the gates of Erebos. The paths to the underworld. These black crow like beings with bird heads and talon feet and wings on their back. They take pride in their bleak landscape of a country where the river Styx flows. Living in the tree and villages or on the sides of cliffs. They are the matters of arterial combat and wavers of the dark arcane of Erebos. Stygian born of the underworld and shadows.

Start the game with 1 perk chosen from Air, Darkness or Death

Stygians gain [+]


The Nanos existed prior to the great war and the change of the Pantheon. Born from the love affair of Poseidon God of oceans and Kione goddess of the snows. These Northern dwellers sail the northern icy seas hunting Giants for favour from Olympos. The great war has changed their focus from not only the Titan races but that of the Zoidiakos too. But they remain ever faithful and their ruler Odon of Azgos remains his one good eye on destroying these foul abominations.

Nánós are demi-gods in their own right just like Hérós. So they start the game with 1 Aspect from Nature [Water, Earth], War [Destruction, Chaos]

Nánós gain [+]


The Beast men descendants of the Zoidiakos ‘Beast’ Gods, savage barbarians who live in the remote corners of the world, shunned by civilization for their hand in the destruction of Olympos. These half beast half man creatures try to atone for the failings of their fore-fathers. But they face an uphill struggle.

Zoidakos’s appearance change greatly and come in many forms. Some are Centaurs Half man half horse, or Minotaurs half bull. Others Ursos (Bears), or Leonians (Lions) Lyconians (Wolfmen) Shakar (Draconic) Depending on the totem that flows through their blood, fashions their appearance.

Zoidakos do not gain bonus Perks or Aspects, they instead start with racial abilities.

All Zoidakos suffer[ – 1MOD] to Social.

They gain [+2MOD] depending on Totem chosen see below

Totem List:
Centaur – Half Horse: STR, PHY, MR 50′.

Minotaur – Half Bull: STR, PHY, Horns Provide a [+2MOD] to Charge Action, Charge becomes a Soft Attack.

Ursos – Half-Bear: STR, PHY, DMG RES BONUS [+2]

Leonian – Half-Lion: AGI, SOC, Claws provide [++] to unarmed attack dmg.

Lyconian – Half-Wolf: STL, PER, Bite provides [++] to unarmed attack.

Shakar – half-draconic: MND, SCALES [++] DMG Resist], WINGS [Fly]


Born from the blood of Ares and the teeth of dragons. The Spartoi are a warrior race and relish in battle. They live in the East on the Islands of Deltos under the rule of their immortal leader Calaban and his adopted son Leonidos. The Spartoi used to rule in Dracadia but their bloodline fell during the great war. Their King Drago and Princess Alicia slain by the forces of the Zoidakos. Their deaths remembered in Spartoi songs sung at funerals in their honor. Rumors say of a union of the Spartoi and the Titans a direct descendant of Alicia and Doulos. But to mention such an abomination could send a Spartoi into a battle rage. Although warlike the Spartoi are a honorable race, but far from peaceful. Always raiding and pillaging.
The Spartoi look very human like but for their serpentine tongues and red draconic-slit eyes. Spartoi have no hair but scaly skin and a sagittal crest (a ridge of bone running lengthwise along the midline of the top of the skull). Spartoi are legacy born with the blood of gods running through their veins like the majority of the races of Rhea. But it is focused on War and Doom.

Spartoi Chooses 1 Aspect from WAR [Destruction, Chaos], Doom [Darkness & Death]

Spartoi gain [+] in:


Gyrn are Titan Born, the descendants of the Titans themselves. Their skin hardened muddy in colour like earth or grayish like stone, their size large standing between 8 to 10 feet tall. Sometimes mistaken for children of Giants. They live in the realms of Doulos beyond the Boreous Mountains North of Elarsa and East of the Barbarian lands of Hyperboroi and the kingdoms of Skar.

Gyrn are not bright and suffer [-] to Mind. This can reduce their stat to 0, Which means that ALL SOC checks are automatically 1.

Gyrn gain [+++] in:


Skarn are Titan Born, the descendants of the Titans themselves but perverted by the gods of war and death for their own gain. Their skin gray as rock, their size large standing between 7 and 8 feet tall. They live in the realms of Ska deep within the Boreous Mountains North of Elarsa and East of the Barbarian lands of Hyperboroi and the capital city of Erebos a word of subterranean races that lay beneath the lands of Rhea.

Skarn dislike sunlight and suffer [-] to all actions in daylight and only on a stormy overcast day or night, is this penalty removed.

Skarn Chooses 1 Aspects from Doom [Darkness & Death], War [Destruction]

Skarn gain [++] in
PHY[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_single_image image=”9859″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

Laōs (Stone Born)

Descendant of those born from the stones of a shattered Olympos when the Great Zoidiakos & Olympian war shattered the world of Rhea. These mere mortals do not have the blood of gods running through their veins but they do have the energies of Olympos. Laos feel a tie to the land.

Laos start the game with

  • 1 Additional PERK of choice
  • [+1MOD] in three separate stats of choice

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]



  • Tough Skin: Provides Lizardmen a +1 DMG RES.
  • Bite and Tail attack combo: When attacking with unarmed combat Lizardmen gain +1 to DMG. 

Statistics Enhancements: Lizardmen gain +1:

  • Tough: Lizardmen gain a bonus in PHY.
  • Strong: Lizardmen have great strength and gain a bonus in STR

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