Aspects are abilities, powers, bonus’s granted by Race in character generation. This is the only time a character can gain Aspects

During character Generation a player chooses a Seat of Power to which their bloodline belongs to. The character is a direct descendant of that bloodline.

The Twelve Seats of Power:

  1. Manius: King of the gods, champion of heroes, Lord of order, King of Kings.
  2. Athaena: Protector of Askalon. Defender of the Lands of LoR.
  3. Aurora: The goddess who lights the way, Lady of fire, goddess of the sun and magic.
  4. Dōulos: God of freemen, hope, honour and strength.
  5. Abraxas: God of wisdom, Keeper of Lore and secrets
  6. Trydon: God of the seas, Lord of Thassalos, city beneath the sea. Bringer of Storms and Lightning.
  7. Nikohermia: The messenger of the gods, lady of the air, speed and travel. Lady Luck.
  8. Physis: God of the hunt, protector of the wilds, Lord of nature & beasts, the archer.
  9. Thea: Goddess of the seasons, harvest and life. Lady of the Moon and spirits and magic.
  10. Mortis: King of Erebos, the underworld, Keeper of the dead, Guardian of Tartarus.
  11. Ajax: God of war and betrayal, Lord of destruction. The Father of Dragons.
  12. Byrēnē: Queen of the gods, goddess of devotion, beauty, healing and love. Queen of peace and calmness

ASPECTS grants a single power that may cost POW to use and uses FOC if requires a roll to be made. The Power will depend upon the Bloodline chosen.

BloodlineAspectHērōs Stats Modifier
Manius +3 PHY
Athaena +3 DEF
Aurora +3
Dōulos +3 STR
Abraxas +3 MND
Trydon +3
Nikohermia +3
Physis Speak with animals.
Cost: 1POW/Round of interaction.
Effect: A successful SOC V Targets MND
results in being able to communicate with
the animal.
+3 PER
Thea +3 FOC
Mortis +3 STL
Ajax +3 COM
Byrēnē Regeneration – Self Only
Effect: Regain FOC roll in Health
+3 SOC

Once the character has chosen the Seat of Power they must then choose one power from the Celestial Powers List. The Power’s Casting Cost must not be more than their FOC DT. <— OLD Rule kept until decided new rule will replace it.

eg. FOC of d4 cannot have a power of more than Casting Cost 4.

The Power must also have the Seat of Power as a source.

As well as this power the Aspect also provides a permanent +1 Modifier to Resist against powers that have the source of the Aspects Seat of Power.

So if Targos had an Aspect of Thea. He would receive a +1 MOD against all Powers that have a Thea Source.

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