9.1 Celestial Power

Powers are selectable as and when needed.

Instant (Fire & Forget Spells): Cost x POW and then has an effect .. POW then regenerates.
Duration Powers: Cost POW and then the POW does not regenerate until the power is cancelled. Then POW regenerates, but while the power is active, The caster cannot use those POW, their POW is permanently reduced by the cost of the power until cancelled.

Skill Change:
Spell Casters can specialise in individual spells as skills.

They may also use spells that they do not have a skill in using MND or the casting Stat. Providing they have the Tap Into The Weave Perk active.

Whats is required to be able to cast spells?

To cast spells a Character must have a skill in the desired spell.. or have Tap into the Weave Perk activated, which allows the character to cast any spell of choice.

Celestial Power is defined in four categories:

  • Aspects wielded by the bloodlines of the gods
  • Miracles granted to the faithful priests and worshippers of powerful entities.
  • Spells created by arcane spell casters tapping into the Celestial Weave.
  • Magic Items created by crafter’s or gifts from the gods themselves.

It matters not in which form the power manifests itself, it all derives from the Askalon, mountain of the gods. Celestial Powers the backbone of the LoR Core RPG, and generally do one of three things:

  • Grant Re-Rolls
  • Provide special attacks or defences.
  • Add modifiers to Combat, Defence, or Resistance Rolls

Some Celestial Powers also provide some sort of special game effect like Density Decrease, Healing, or Enhanced Senses. Every power is written in the following format:

Celestial Power Name (what the power is called)

Casting Cost (cost in POW to use)

Available Source (A List of Sources available for the power. Must choose one)

Effects (what the power does in the game)

Celestial Power Enhancements (enhancements that can be purchased for the power)

9.2 Celestial Powers Break the LoR Core Rules

Some powers break the rules. Whenever a power’s effect comes into conflict with a LoR Core game rule, it is the power’s effect that takes precedence.

9.3 Celestial Power Appearance

It is entirely up to the GM and the Players to decide what the power looks like in game. All powers have a visual residue and it is up to the Player and GM to describe how it looks during the narrative. No power is invisible or silent. Powers also leave a residual metallic taste in the air, but is untraceable once activated. It matters not what the appearance of the spell is. No bonus or Penalty can be awarded for clever description. The spell will only do the effect described in the spell.

Example: Scaros has described his Armour Spell to look like that of evil spirits circling his body with glowing demonic eyes. Scaros is hoping to instil fear into his enemies. But Scaros’s Armour effect is just the basic Armour Power effect which provides a bonus to DMG RES, therefore no other effect happens and although the enemy would be wary and appear fearful, there is no in game effect or bonus.

9.4 Celestial Power Enhancements

Not all of the Celestial Powers have the same effect as the basic list describes. Celestial Powers can be adjusted by using Celestial Power Enhancements. Some Powers have a list of their own Enhancements available. But all Celestial Powers can also be enhanced by using the generic enhancements.

9.5 Generic Celestial Enhancements

Quick Snap

Casting Cost/Reduction: +2 POW

Effects: The Power requires only a Soft Action to Cast instead of a Hard Action.

Concentration Roll Required

Casting Cost/Reduction: -2 POW (Min POW Cost 1)

Effects: The Power requires a FOC check to tap into the Celestial energies before the standard Power Use roll can be made. The Difficulty is based on the POW cost.

Extended Duration

Casting Cost/Reduction: +2 POW / 5 rounds

Effects: Each time this is taken the duration is increased by 5

Area of Effect

Casting Cost/Reduction: see below

Effects: The Power effects all within the area of effect.
AOE (+2/5′): Everyone within the range of the target is also struck by the power.
Beam (+4): A beam heads out in a straight line from the user and strikes every target along it’s path for a range of 50′
Cone (+4): A Cone template is used and strikes all within. The template is 30′ long


Casting Cost/Reduction: +3

Effects: The power when it strikes the target potentially causes Knockback. Target makes a Kncokback check. PHY vs Difficulty equal to the amount of successes on the power check roll. Failure means knocked back 5′ per success.

Extended Range

Casting Cost/Reduction: +1 / 5′

Effects: A+5′ to the range of the power.

Touch Only

Casting Cost/Reduction: -3 (Min 1) / +1

Effects: -3 Pow, Reduce a Powers range to Touch only. For +1 Pow may increase a Power from self to Touch.

Restriction [At Power purchase only]

Casting Cost/Reduction: -2 (Min 1)

Effects: This power is restricted in some way. It may require an item, or dosent work when it’s raining or only effects arrows. etc. The user when choosing the power may add a restrictin to reduce it’s cost. The Games Master will decide if the restriction is uncommon enough to classify as a restriction.

Full Action

Casting Cost/Reduction: -3 Pts (Min 1)

Effects: No soft action can be taken when this power is used.

Blessing / Curse of the Gods

Casting Cost/Reduction: +1 / increment

Effects: Each time this is taken the bonus / penalty modifier is increased by 1 

9.6 Momentum & Generic Enhancements

Generic Enhancements can be applied to a Celestial Power for a one off use at a cost of 1 Momentum. Apply the Enhancement to the Power being used for the duration of that use.

9.7 Power Source

Celestial Powers must be assigned a source that defines the powers origin. On Askalon there are twelve seats of power within the Hall of the Gods. From these seats the gods spread their influence throughout the lands of LoR.

The Twelve Seats of Power:

  1. Manius: King of the gods, champion of heroes, Lord of order, King of Kings.
  2. Athaena: Protector of Askalon. Defender of the Lands of LoR.
  3. Aurora: The goddess who lights the way, Lady of fire, goddess of the sun and magic.
  4. Dōulos: God of freemen, hope, honour and strength.
  5. Abraxas: God of wisdom, Keeper of Lore and secrets
  6. Trydon: God of the seas, Lord of Thassalos, city beneath the sea. Bringer of Storms and Lightning.
  7. Nikohermia: The messenger of the gods, lady of the air, speed and travel. Lady Luck.
  8. Physis: God of the hunt, protector of the wilds, Lord of nature & beasts, the archer.
  9. Thea: Goddess of the seasons, harvest and life. Lady of the Moon and spirits and magic.
  10. Mortis: King of Erebos, the underworld, Keeper of the dead, Guardian of Tartarus.
  11. Ajax: God of war and betrayal, Lord of destruction. The Father of Dragons.
  12. Byrēnē: Queen of the gods, goddess of devotion, beauty, healing and love. Queen of peace and calmness

Each source provides a unique effect when applied to a Power in the Celestial Power List. Each power will describe the bonus effect applied from the chosen source.

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