Activating Perks is a Soft Action

Once activated the Perk lasts for a duration of 3 Rounds and cannot be activated again until the Dur has run out.

Perk List

A Tale of Hero’s – A number of allies = your SOC lvl receive [+1MOD] SOC.

Adrenaline Surge  – Character gains a temp PHY LVL in HP for DUR of PERK. These are then removed down to MAX Health.

Aim – Gain [+1 MOD ]COM LVL  to next Ranged attack.

Area Distraction – Your next distraction effects all within 10′ of the Target.

Battle Healer  – Doubles the effect of Heal, resulting in 2 Health healed per Success

Barrage  – The next Ranged Celestial Power has an Area of Effect of MND LVL x 5′

Battle Rage – Character may Gain [+1] DMG for each [-1 MOD] DEF transferred (Up to DEF LVL) for duration of PERK

Call to Aid – When ever an ally is attacked, within MR distance, move towards them. If you become adjacent to an ally, You may also roll a DEF+Block roll and choose the best of both DEF rolls.

Seize the Moment – When activated choose an ally and that allies Hard Action s are all considered Soft Actions. For that turn.

Celestial Shield – While this Perk is active all within MND LVL x 5′ range gain your FOC LVL as a +MOD to DEF for the duration of the PERK.

Command – This perk when activated provides all allies within MND LVL x 5′ range [+2MOD] to Initiative for duration

Co-ordinate  – When an adjacent ally next attacks an adjacent enemy, you gain a bonus attack against the same targets Def roll.

Counter attack – On a successful DEF roll may make a free counter Attack roll for duration.

Counter Effect –  Targets [+MOD] Effects are removed on a successful Distraction Vs Foc

Counter Spell – When activated any enemies  spell cast within MND LVL x 5′, suffers [-1MOD]

Courage – Adjacent Allies gain [+1] Bonus die to resist MND attacks for duration of Perk.

Double Blast  – Roll DMG twice on the next successful ranged celestial power attack.

Dual weapon Fighting – When armed with two weapons and using this perk manoeuvre to harass the enemy, gain [+1MOD] to Attack & dmg [May not use Parry]

Enhance COM  – Adjacent Allies gain [+1] COM for duration of PERK

Enhance DEF – Adjacent Allies gain [+1] DEF for duration of PERK

Flesh Wound – Roll DMG RES twice at and choose the best result on the next DMG RES roll.

Focused – When activated the next Celestial Power is treated as a Soft Action

Increased Power – Character regains 3 POW instead of 1 per round for duration

Insight – Add Espionage Skill modifier to ally of choice to use in their next roll against a target of choice

Inspire by Example – Any Ally within SOC x5′ range that performs the same action as you, while this PERK is active gains [+1 MOD].

Irritating as Hell – Distract effects targets = to SOC lvl

Look at me! – All eyes of the opponents are on you giving all Allies [+1] STL to their next STL roll.

Leadership – When activated can immediately roll Battle Lore skill and distribute the roll amongst allies to add to their Next Initiative Roll.

Onslaught – Next Melee Attack is treated as a Soft Action

Negative Cantrip – On activation Target suffers [-1MOD] to a Stat of choice for 1 rnd

Painful Sounds  – Distracting the enemy with high pitched painful sounds which prevents a target from using a Skill Bonuses for duration of the PERK.

Pankration – Unarmed Attacks gain +2 DMG for duration of the PERK

Perfect Shot –  Ignore Range Penalties on next Ranged shot.

Pin Point Accuracy – Gain [+1MOD] per LVL of PER to DMG roll for next Ranged Weapon DMG Roll.

Predictable – When activated All targets within a AOE of MND LVL x 5′, Any ally being targetted by these targetsgain a [+1 MOD] to Next DEF

Press the Advantage – For each [-1MOD] DEF (Up to DEF LVL) gain [+1] Momentum, Penalty lasts for PERK Duration.

Protective Will – May transfer [-1MOD] FOC (Up to FOC LVL) for [+1MOD] Damage Resist Bonus Dice for the duration of the perk.

Rapid Strike – Gain an additional free attack on your next Melee attack

Ritual Magic – When actived add your Spell Lore roll to next allies Power Use.

Shield Bash – For the duration of the PERK the Shield Strike is a Soft Action and Pushes target back 5′ per success. 

Shield Hook – When armed with a spear, opponent cannot use shield to defend with for duration of Perk

Shield Wall – Anyone who stands adjacent to you whilst this Perk is active gains your Block Skill Level as [+MOD] to their DEF

Skill [Type] Focus – Gain [+1MOD] when using this skill for duration of perk

Sneak attack – On a successful sneak [from hidden] attack gains [+1MOD] STL Lvl for DMG.

Spell Fury – On the next ranged Celestial Power attack gain [+1] per FOC level

Spell Insight – When a power is directed at you you gain [Spell Lore LVL] to any Resistance Roll against that power.

Spell Spark – When ever Celestial WEapon hits, while this PERK is active, opponent gains it sparks and gives [-1MOD] DEF for 1 rnd.

Spy – When activated gain [+2MOD] to next investigation roll

Strong Spell – Spell caster gains [+1MOD] to Spell rolls for duration

Stunning Blow – If attack causes a Wound, the target also take an additional STR LVL in Stun Points too.

Stunning Distraction – Whenever a successful Distract roll is made, while this PERK is active, the Target also suffers SOC LVL Stun per too.

Surprised Shot  – Gain [+1MOD] STL LVL to next ranged attack

Sweeping Strike – Character attacks all within striking range with a melee attack on next melee attack.

Take the Pain – Gain [+1 MOD] Bonus when resisting Physical Damage for duration of Perk.

Taunter – Taunt now effects a number of targets = to SOC lvl

Therapist – Remove one Mental Effect from ally.

Thrown Distraction – By throwing a handful of objects, dirt, stones, etc can distract a Radius 10′ AOE causing all to suffer [-1 MOD] to their next actions. Thrown Vs Targets FOC

Trip – All enemies that are adjacent to you suffers [-1MOD] to all their actions due to being tripped up by you.

Quick thinking – Gain one extra Soft Action, use before the PERK duration runs out.

Wild Attack – Character forgoes defence in favour of attack! Each [-1MOD] DEF (Up to DEF LVL) transferred, gains [+1MOd] COM for the duration of the PERK.

Tap into the Weave: A character may spend POW to cast spells from the Magic Section for the duration of the PERK.

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