Rules change:

Action Points:

No longer exist

Players may perform 

Soft & Hard Actions.

A turn consist of:

1 x Soft & 1 x Hard Action


2 x Soft Actions

Soft Action:

Use Perk, Move up to MR, Unarmed Attack, Draw Weapon, Pick Up / Drop item, Aim (Max +3), Concentrate Max (+3), Activate Aspect

Hard Actions:

Ranged Attack, Melee Attack, Spell Use, Charge

Initiative Phase

  • All player roll AGI – 1 / Stun point
  • If a result of 11 or more is achieved, then the character acts on the total, then removes 10 from the result and can act again during that turn.
  • eg: a Result of 15 = Act on 15  then a gain on 5. A result of 35 acts on 35 then 25 then 15 then 5.

Character’s turn

  • Turn:
    Start of Turn
  • Initiative Phase: Roll AGI
    1. Recover 1 POWER
    2. Recover 1 STUN
  • Start of Players turn
  • Reduce duration timer for effects
    5. Spend AP & MOMENTUM performing actions.
    6. Remove Effects with 0 Duration
    7. Reduce All effects by 1 Turn. .
    8. Hand Turn over to another character.


  • Roll COM Stat + Skill + Modifiers
  • Opponent Rolls DEF + SKill + Modifiers
  • Highest Wins
  • The attacker gain the difference in bonus damage.


  • Attacker Rolls STR + Weapon Die + Bonus DMG
  • Defender Rolls PHY + Armour Die
  • Highest Wins

If the Attacker Wins:

  • The attacker deals the difference in Hit Points to target.
  • If the Defender is reduced to 0 health they are defeated and falls.
  • For every 5 DMG dealt the Target is Knocked Back 5′ EG: 7 Points DMG dealt target is KB’d 5′, For 3 DMG the target is KB’d 0′

EG: Defender has PHY d6 and is reduced to -4 .. They Must Win a contest of PHY vs 2d6 [d6 = 2 die steps, there fore leaving -2 which is the number of difficulty die to face]


If Health is reduced to 0 Character falls unconscious, If Health falls below 0 Character is KO’d and bleeding.

Each time a character takes Health damage they must discard a plot card for each point.

Bleeding: XXXXX

If Health is reduced below -HEALTH Character make a death save each turn.

Death Save: XXXXXX


Each stun point is a penalty to AGI Initiative. If Initiative result is 0 or less then the character is stunned and cannot act. 


For every 5 DMG target is KB’d 5′ 


Each time a roll scores an additional success that side gains momentum. And whenever a Natural ‘1’ is rolled the Momentum is moved towards the opponents side. 

Heroes & Enemies may use Momentum for the Following:

  • Gain [+1] Modifier
  • Perform a FREE Soft Action. [2 MOMENTUM to perform a free Hard Action]
  • Re-roll Dice [Cannot Re-roll Natural 1’s]
  • Play a Plot Card
  • Recover 1 Stun
  • Recover 1 POW

May only spend Momentum if it is in positive result! If Momentum is reduced below 0 it must gain momentum points until it is in positive result before spending.

Dual Weapon Attack ACTION
Both attacks are at -3 and the combatant is at -2 DEF for 1 Round.

Charge is a Hard Action. To charge into combat a combatant must move at least 10′ to gain the bonus. The combatant moves up to MR (Min 10′) and make a Melee attack. The attack is made at a -2 COM MOD but gains +1 DMG per 5′ Move.

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