LoR Character Creation Form

This form is used to create your GMD Patreon support LoR Comic Character.

How to create a character:

  1. Choose a Race See images
  2. Choose what Dice Type each stat is: All stats are D6. Choose which Stat you want to be D8. Any Stat you reduce to D4 allows you to increase another one Dice Step.
    Dice Steps = D4 / D6 / /D8 / D10 / D12
  3. Choose 3 Skills your character is especially good at.
  4. Make sure you have answered all questions by selecting the appropriate drop-down info.
  5. Any issues, contact GMDOnline in Discord. or send a Help ticket from the website.

Available Races:

Once I have received and looked over your character I will contact you and discuss your choices. If I feel require any changes to obtain a more balanced and realistic character I will let you know.