LoR: Changes to POW



Protectors, Healers, Wizards and Arch-mages have had a change in available Perks.

New Perk Added to their selection: Tap into the Weave

TAP INTO THE WEAVE: A spell caster may cast any spell by spending POW for the duration of the PERK.

So basically the new Perk allows spell casters to use any spell and enhancements within the RPG Spell List.

How does this differ from how it used to work?


  • A spell caster before would purchase a Spell as a Skill Specialisation.
  • The Spell Caster would only be able to cast spells in their skill list.
  • Spell Caster would spend the POW cost and the spell would have a limited duration.


  • A Spell Caster casts spells that are in their skill list as before.
  • Spell Casters have access to the Tap into the Weave Perk from their ROLE TEMPLATE
  • Spell Casters spend POW and recover POW for Instant spells. Such as Healing, Celestial Blast etc…
  • Spells no longer have a duration. A Spell Caster may maintain a spell by spending the POW to activate it. Once active it remains active until dispelled , cancelled or Spell Caster Fails a FOC roll on receiving Health Loss or MND roll on receiving Stun. The difference is that the spell caster does not recover the POW until the spell is deactivated.


Starting POW is now equal to FOC DT

What did it used to be?

This will increase the starting POW as the old system was 4 + FOC LVL

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