LoR – Asteros (RPC)

How to Play?

  • Play during your own time, no need to be online.
  • The GM will post the description of the round and the deadline that all actions must be posted by. Normally one week.
  • Players then interact describing their actions. All players get one action and can not change once posted. Players can interact with each other in character speech. EG: Moros says ‘We need to watch our flanks!’ Then Pericles replies ‘I’m on it Moros, but I will need help!’ etc…
  • The art team will then create comic panels based on your posts.
  • The GM will then post a completed page once it is created, for you to see your actions come to life! Once all pages are complete The next round is posted, and the players post their actions once more…
  • All characters are created via forms and then you get a design made for your characters to appear in the comic. GMD will work with you to finalise your character design and background to integrate into the story.

How much does it cost?

Because the resources and licencing we use is not free we have to make the RPC comic Patron-only. This helps cover the costs involved. As you can imagine the work involved creating a comic of high quality is very time consuming but incredible fun when you have players involved. It is very exciting indeed and rewarding.

Therefore, for as little as $1.50 a month you can become a Patreon that not only allows you to take part in this comic but also grants you other rewards too. Higher Tier Rewards grant access to other comic projects as well as other rewards.

On top of that, you will be helping GMD Online create some amazing products. Check it out:

Sign Up Now!

Join the game now and get involved with a great community!

NOTE: The start date is not the day or time or date we play. It is the day that the Comic sign up will end. Ready for production and design to begin. You will also need to log into the GMD Online Discord server (See bottom of any GMD Online page).

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