LoR – Asteros, Episode: 0

Pilot Session – Character Creation completion and introduction to the culture of Elarsa.

Our heroes were drawn to the market of Laphaenia, a coastal town within the Elarsan South Western Territories of Asteros. A shipment of slaves had been shipped in from Bagka.

Although some great RP was had, I forgot to set up the Players Mics for the live stream! So we will start again this time a little differently and with action.

Even though we had a session gathering the party and receiving their first quest after interacting with important NPCs of Laphaenia. The game will start again, with a slight change of pace and the plot. We explored some of the players backgrounds and roles they play within the town of Laphaenia.

After learning that Theodoras had not returned from Bagka, where he travelled to to obtain some herbs to ease his wife’s sickness, the party have set out to find him. Pervica had a more pressing appointment to attend but was torn between her personal desires and that of aiding a friend in need.

The Party:

RICH: Demonous – Laos Tactician (Archmage)

DRAGONGIRL: Hyrmina – Hērōs Enchancer (Healer)

SPIKE: Korax – Slave, Zoidiakos (Minotaur) Defender (Berserker)

KIETH: Leocedes – Laos Scrapper (Hoplite)

HREFN: Pervica – Laos Agitator (Improviser)

EUSI: Phaedra – Hērōs Ranged (Marksman)

WOADAN: Theolas – Laos Defender (Guardian)

THRIN: Timais – Laos Scrapper (Assassin)

JOIN US LIVE FOR SESSION 1 on Thursday 28th FEB!

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: RICH

2nd Place: HRFEN

3rd Place: WOADAN

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