Looking for a player! Karn’age

Want to take control?

I am looking for a player to take control of Karn’age the StarGuard Security Sergeant.

How to play?

Simple, just respond in the dedicated Discord Channel to the scene.

You decide what the character does and says and it is then added to the comic book.

It takes a few minutes each week. You can do your turn whenever it suits you. The new scenes are posted each Friday, giving you a week to think of what you would like to do and say.

What’s in it for me?

I will send you a digital copy of the comic you star in for free! Also, you get to have fun in the process!

How do I apply?

Fill in this form below and I will then contact you when I have made a decision on who will take on the role.

Is there any information on Karn’age?

Yes, of course… Please check out the Power Grid for free here:

StarGuard Power Grids

Thank you!

I want to say a massive thank you to my Members who support me in the creation of the StarGuard comic and other GMD Products. In return, they receive all newly created products for free and much much more!

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