Limited Time Offer…

The Offer ends Midnight UK TIme July 25th…


A FREE Character Pack of Any Super / Sci-Fi or Fantasy character of choice.

The Character Pack includes an A4 High-Resolution Character Portrait that you may get printed, a Miniature designed for your character. (This may then be purchased via Shapeways) a VTT Profile Picture and Token.

GMD Online will work with you to create a quality piece of work for your character. All art and Miniature design is on a first come first served basis and can take time to complete, but we get there.

Not only do you get this, But I have completed the GMD CORE RPG in a text-only version of the rules. PDF soon to follow, once cover and internal artwork has been decided upon.

So you get access to the Rules for FREE… Happy Gaming!

This is in addition to all Tier awards and other offers.

Not long left.. so come and join the community and get your free gift!

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