Latest GMD News & LoR Artwork Update

I have had the proof’s for the latest LoR artwork!

I hope to have these ready for creating into wallpaper for all Members soon. 

Other News


I have tidied the Tier levels up. Do not worry if your Tier suddenly looks diminished, I have reduced the list by including All PREVIOUS TIER AWARDS PLUS


I have updated all the Goals to be a realistic reflection of what your support will allow me to do. I will be going part time at work soon due to health conditions and your support will allow me to dedicate that time developing the projects I wish to provide to the community. Your support will also help me financially due to the impact of my health condition has made on my employment. 

You will see that the new Goal structure clearly outlines what I will be doing and what you, the GMD community will be receiving for your support. 


I would like to take this time to thank all my patreon supporters for believing in me and my projects. Your continued support is appreciated with all my heart. 


I have been developing the RPG rules, I have dragged the raw rules from the website on to a word document so that I can start updating them ready for creating the PDF and printed books. 

Don’t worry the rules are still online for you all to look over! 

I plan to update these rules with the more legible version over the coming months. 

New Artwork has been commissioned and completed. I am about to commission the Core RPG Book cover. If you want a character to appear on the cover, then contact me and I will add it to the cover art.

I have also been developing the next phases of the GMD Online community campaign games. Savage Worlds Lord of the Rings, Beasts & Barbarians and 5th Ed D&D Adventure in Middle Earth. This has taken a lot of time. But you can see the game sin action on my You Tube Channel or on the MVP post on the GMD website here: 

I have also been doing a little bit of troubleshooting with the patreon log in to the GMD Online website. I think this is now working. Please inform me if you encounter any troubles. I’m here to help. You can find me on Discord most days, come and say hi!

I have also added the GMD in game Gifts selection to a Google Spreadsheets for the Players to select from and it is currently on Champion level selection.


I plan to continue with my live streams and rules development. I would like to add a few new quests to NWN2 and develop more of the LoR Interactive 3D World, but time has become tight and I hope March will allow for me to expand into these projects. 

So keep up to date in the Discord Channels and on the GMD website.

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