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Work is thundering ahead! 

The CORE RPG rules are almost complete, some last-minute playtesting to fine-tune some of the rules. Still more playtests to come!

This week we playtested some changes to the damage system and the ranges. We have changed the ranges to a more abstract range system which can be scaled up and down as you see fit. It really moves the gameplay along quickly too. The new Damage Threshold, which we have updated the character sheet to accommodate, has worked out really well bringing a clever dimension to individual pain thresholds based on a character Physique. Example: 6 Damage to a character with D8 Physique would take 1 Wound, however, if the character had D4 Physique they would receive 2 Wounds. 

We have added more Soft, Hard and Full Actions! Bringing even more tactical options to the already dynamic combat!

The movement rate of a character has been removed and replaces with a Movement Rate Dice. The dice are used for Initiative and for movement-based manoeuvres. Along with the new movement-based actions added to the list, combat is incredibly dynamic. Your RPG gaming battle board will no longer be static, GM’s and players both will feel like the battle is moving and twisting as they jostle for advantageous positions by attempting to outmanoeuvre each other. 

The Superhero creation element has been added which allows Game Masters to determine the power level of a game. Anywhere from Street Level to Cosmic! This opens up the option to allow street-level superheroes into your Fantasy & Sci-Fi games, without unbalancing the game, it just means that a Street Level hero will not be picking up and throwing about huge scenery as they may in a full-Colour Supers Style game. 

As requested a Magical/Super/Wondrous Items Chapter has been added to the GM’s section of the rulebook. The rules teach Games Masters how to create Power-based items for use in their campaign. You now have an endless array of Magical/Super/Wondrous Items!

While on the subject of Powers, I have just completed a 34 Power Source list along with all the effects they have on the game. Most affecting Surfaces and Clouds (different types of environmental area of effects), what happens when two environmental effects are placed upon each other! So not only is your combat scene exciting and dynamic, The Games Master now has tools to introduce as they see fit for the players and NPCs to navigate the hazardous area on the battle board which are also dynamic! 

Very exciting! 

Vehicle Rules now use the standard gaming rules of combat with a few unique actions and damage rules to accommodate their larger scale. I have not added a list of basic vehicles to use yet but will do before the end of the week. However, over 30+ entries have been added to the Bestiary to keep you going until we have completed the new project (GMD CORE Beastiary), I have included rules in the CORE RPG to create your own beasts too using the character creation development points. With a little work from your Games Master, you have access to an endless array of encounters, limited by your imagination. 

On top of all this Artwork is pouring in. Every single spread has a unique artwork banner at the top, plus countless examples and beautiful art throughout. I have invested my personal saving into making this book look truly amazing so that every page inspires you for new character ideas or stories to be told. The artwork is mainly a gift from GM Draeus the Author to the roleplaying community as a whole, I do not intend to include its return in the final retail price. I want to keep the books cost as cheap as possible, So profit will be based on printing costs rather than printing & production costs. 

Thank you all for backing this project and I will get more updates to you as the deadline approaches…

I want to take the time to thank all the GMD Online Incestors for supporting me throughout this project. Especially thos eof you who have helped with the Bestiary Listing and Play Testing. You have been a real asset through the development of this product… You are all Awesome! 


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