Last game of 2017! It’s Xmas time!

It’s that time of year once more!


Well, kind of.. .The last GMD game of 2017…

What’s in store?

This year will see the last game as NWN2 LoR Online campaign game.

With the new areas retouched and updated. I hope to send the team on adventure that will be fun and exciting to send the year off with a bang!

But that is not all!

Next year we will see:

  • The finale of the StarGuard saga.
  • All new campaign on Wednesdays – The Last Parsec – Eris Beta V
  • New Adventure Savage Star Wars – Wild Cards – Strikeforce Shantipole.
  • New Adventure Savage Star Wars – Rebel Scum – A view from the Empire!

It doesn’t stop there!

New and Old games continue throughout 2018! Including:

  • Beast and Barbarians
  • Savage Xenomorphs
  • Seven Worlds
  • Hubris – Rise of Nations
  • Divinity Original Sin 2 – Hordes of the Dragon Queen
  • NWN2 – Hordes of the Dragon Queen
  • Savage Worlds – Hordes of the Dragon Queen

Other possibilities include




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