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Check out the latest artwork I created for the StarGuard CORE World, Starfall CORE World Campaign Settings, and the StarGuard ‘War’ Graphic Novel.

The Khan’in are the main antagonists that appear in the above mentioned.

In Starfall, the Khan’in Empire is the main threat to Polairain Alliance Peace and several wars have broken out between these two territories. I have been putting some time into developing a variety of content and artwork for Starfall this month thanks to VIP Members: Byron, Waracolyte, Woadan, and Silvereagle who have all adopted Starfall content. That has totaled 7 1/2 hours of work dedicated to Starfall this month!

If you would like to add to this why not become a VIP Member today and then fill in the Order form that appears only to members? Check out Membership and Members Only content here:

Watch out for the Khan’in in this month’s edition of the Oracle available soon! I plan to add some Encounter Cards and tokens for them.

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