Character Background

Jitters was raised on a normal back water planet, he longed for adventure and one day he stowed away on a trade ship. He was soon caught trying to steal food, instead of throwing him off ship at the next port the capt took pity on him and took him on he went from been the ships cleaner to the ships gunner in no time as they soon found he had a natural talent for it.

NAME Jitters

RANK Crewman


RACE / ROLE: Felion / Gunner

Character Description: Tall tabby cat looking Felion has green eyes, has a nervous twitch in his left eye.Is addicted to one of the galaxys top drugs says it keeps him sharp


Jitters Intelligence: D6: Average

Jitters Strength: D6: Average

How Agile Jitters is: D6: Average

Jitters Resistance to Pain: D6: Average

How Charming Jitters is: D6: Average

Jitters Combat Training: D8: Highly Trained

How Perceptive Jitters is: D6: Average

How Stealthy Jitters is: D6: Average

Character Worst Fear: Space Spiders

Skills at D8: Shooting, Spot, Combat

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