It’s almost here!

Thanks to you my Patreon investors, another GMD Online product is ready for the public. Those of you who took up the mantle to take part in this story saved yourself £60!

Also, everyone taking part in the comic gets the Printed version & PDF for FREE.

Champions and above Patreons also get the PDF for FREE once completed.

ALL Patreons gain early access to the Comic and are able to read it online here: 

Pantheon Supporters will receive a printed copy once completed.

Launching 24th June 2020! 

Please share and help our small family business gain momentum.

Join us on 24th June for the Launch and obtain a Limited Edition – President Mk’rell Art Card only FREE to all backers who pledge on day one!  (available only on the success of the Kickstarter campaign).

See you there!

On successful completion of this Campaign, all Hērōs and above will also receive the Limited Card for FREE.

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