Immortalise your character

GMD Online is about to commission a piece of artwork for their up and coming generic RPG.

I plan to design a cover that will incorporate all my Patreon supporters of Champion Tier or higher characters of choice.

This is just an example of the design which will incorporate your character. The idea is to have a panel stretch from the front cover across to the back cover, with all your characters displayed in glory across it.

How do you get your character to show on the cover?

You have to Mid March to sign up or upgrade to Champion Tier or higher and then post your selection into the Champions Tier Discord Channel.

I will then start designing the cover and adding where your character will appear for the artist to start work on.


What does your support mean?

Your support allows me to dedicate time to the development not only of the Core RPG, but the settings designed for it:

  • LoR
  • G.A,U
  • Hubris
  • Starfall
  • Star Guard

These setting swill also be developed into other open license RPG’s such as

  • Savage Worlds
  • D&D

But it isn’t just RPG’s I develop.

  • I organise regular online adventures for all my Patrons to join.
  • GMD community Guilds for MMOs
  • I develop and host a NWN2 server with over 100 quests to take part in.
  • I am developing a 3D interactive world which I plan to develop into a MMO.

So come and join the GMD community!

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