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Hubris: Rise of Nations

Hubris-Rise of NAtions

5 Houses have rose to power. Each with their own agenda. Who will rise to take the Thrones of Olympus?  Elrasa’s King died on the slope of Mount Olympus during the great battle against the Zoidiakos leaving no heir. The Dracadian king is on his death bed. His only heir dead. The council of Dracadia look on the throne with hungry eyes. Athaena at the command of Zeus has ascended to the realm of the gods leaving her throne in Xerba empty.

One house already has the chance to claim a Polis as their base of power. Will they snatch the Polis and use it’s resources? Or will the bide their time?

But something sinister is awakening in the dark shadows of the three realms. Will the Kings be ready in time? Or shall all turn to dust and ash and be lost to history?

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