Hubris: Rise of Nations

A Living World Campaign!

Once the Living World is unlocked I will set up private Living World Pages for ALL Patrons and the interactive Campaign Setting will commence!

  • Rule as Leaders of a an adventuring band
  • Command the Militia / Navy / Army! / Street Rats / Temple Network / Merchants guild or even an Arcane School.
  • Become a Bandit Lord / Mercenary captain
  • Own a Thieves Guild Rule a Village / Town / City / Region or entire Country!

Support Tier Depending …

Monthly turns with updates of actions.

I plan also to provide Videos with world News etc…

The Living World of LoR : Hubris – Rise of Nations will be an epic adventure, never ending. Expand territories, Make Allies and Enemies. Explore and conquer, plot and conspire, options are endless.

This GMD Premium Campaign will start in 2019!

If you want to help shape the Campaign Setting then get involved from as little as $1.50. Click Support Link Below.

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