Hubris: Dark Justice – Hunt for Ursos

Friday, June 12th at 7pm UK Time

Click on Image to book your seat at the Virtual Table Top! 

Hubris-Dark Justice- Hunt for Ursos

This one shot takes place in the city of Metropoli on the Western shores of Olympus. The city is under the ever watchful gaze of Hecate and her cult. With the recent outburst of Zeus’s rage, many minor gods have been cast from Aetherion onto the lands of Olympus with most of their power stripped! That along with the Z-Strain infestation has turned the lands of the Stone Born into a deadly place!

The streets are full of hate towards the Olympians & Zoidiakos alike… It takes a new breed of hero who knows how to tread the fine line of Justice without becoming the very thing they protect the innocents from.

This low level Rising Stars Fantasy Super Hero setting. It is ideal to get your Heroic action Vigilante fix!

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