How to connect to our Discord & GMD Online Website

Supporters have asked how to connect to Discord and receive their roles. 

Follow these instructions:

GOTO Patreon webpage

Click on the orange icon for your profile on the right hand side

This will open up a menu, select settings

This will bring up your profile page, On the left you will see account. Click on this.

Under Connections

Click connect next to discord.

Follow the authorization and you should be good to go. 

How to receive your roles on our website at:

If you have not already linked your account with Patreon you will need to log into your account at GMDOnline, then follow the link to the LoR Core RPG, If you see that there is a block to any content click on the support us link in the block. 

It will then direct you to link your GMD Online account and Patreon Account, this will then provide you with your roles. 

If you have any difficulties, log into our Discord and send GMD a private message and I will guide you through the process.

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