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Here are the Results of Last Nights Play Test.

Firstly Thank you to everyone who participated in the play test and for all for your patience and support and valuable input through last nights Play Test…

Despite technical difficulties it was very productive and there was some positive outcomes to the play test.  The Live Stream went down and I removed the stream due to the difficulties of the play test.

Also I had forgotten to update the Interface rules with all the hard work the design team had put in for that session! My bad, school boy error!

Last Nights Play Testers:

Thrin, Woadan, Dragongirl, Keith, Hrefn, Rich, Eusi, Spike

Here are some of the observations and questions that have been put to the Play Testers. 

1 – Mind Set: I tried to run the play test as a proper campaign, where we have not fully developed the rules and tested every avenue, so the first change will be to the mind set. Rather than going for a deep campaign the first section of the game will concentrate on testing as much of the rules system as possible. With roleplay etc of course, But I will remove the music and gradually bring it in once we have mastered the game and are in full swing.  

2 – Live Stream:  We will go live for the play test but not for a few sessions until we have ironed out some of the basic kinks. I had not updated the Perks, Spells or Skills which was confusing to us all. I will get these sorted ASAP. 

3 – Momentum: Shall we keep it? OR shall we remove it and use Hubris for it?   So if you roll 10 over target value you gain Momentum, Also can be used to reward some clever ideas etc but Hubris is a double edged sword, any evil acts looses hubris or any act that defies the gods,,,MWHAHAH!  But Hubris will be able to be used for all the purposes that Momentum was used for… +1 Mod, Re-roll, Recover to PHY LVL Health from KO’d, PLOT CARD (See Below) — This is a decision the Play Testers are voting on and then the design team will strip apart and see what works for the vision of the game.

4 – Perks: Are we ok with the Perks? Or do you think there is too many modifications flying around for starting characters?

5 – Soft Actions & Hard Actions: I know you liked the AP system, but I want a faster round and found the Soft & Hard actions fulfil this..    Is this ok? Did you find it restrictive, tactical or was you fine with it?

6 – Stun: I am going to remove Stun  and add in a stun effect that certain Perks and Spells will cause.   Keiths comment about I only got 1 Round stayed with me this morning and I thought ‘you know that isn’t exactly fun’, so it is now removed. Stun was never in the original set of rules (Neither were Perks, Momentum or soft/hard actions)  So no more penalty to initiative 

7 – DMG: Is this too deadly?  or does it give your character mortality?  Make you think more tactically about where you are on the battle board?  It didn’t help that your rolls last night were not very good and mine were for once in years, really good!  … But I’m going to test today the original rules against these new version and see what adjustments can be made.  Knock back however will stay 

8 – Ranged weapons:  I totally failed with the Thrown Skill, it had worked out in the text that people who threw weapons with minimal STR could throw up to a 2 Squares away!  Which lets face it .. is a total pile of Poop!  … So this will be revised to be actual base distant just like Bows and slings.

9 – Modifications: Is there too many mods in a way that the game became to mechanical?  I am going to test this with the old rules that was more dice orientated than mods…

10 – Spells: These will be updated for next session so feedback for them can come then

11 – PLot Cards: These will be removed .. I am thinking of replacing it with a table to roll on… unless you want them then they can stay.. 

Some players liked the Stun Rule so it went to vote:

So Point 6 – Stun: Shall it stay or go? The Rules for Stun:
1 – Target win sin a DMG RES roll… Take 1 Stun & 0 DMG (Target has been hit but it is just a glancing / winding blow) 

2 – Target Fails a DMG RES Roll … Take 1 Stun, Take the Difference in DMG, Possible Knockback 

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