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AAE Guide & Pegaus Engine

The Premium Pegasus Engine CORE RPG Box Set has been created. Containing 8 books, all the record sheets and a box of 5 Hindrance Dice.

The AAE Guide is also ready as well as the A5 Encounters Cards from the CORE RPG, AAE Guide and 24 Pre-Gen Character Cards.

The only thing remaining to be created is the Games Masters Screen, however, the Banner Press has malfunctioned and so has the Large Format Printer for the alternate option of a Premium GM Screen. I have one last idea to attempt, if it fails then I am going to fulfil the Kickstarter without it to avoid further delays.

I wish to thank VIP Members Rich, Eusi & Waracolyte for taking the time to share the Protortypes they recived in our cimmunity Discord Channel. To say thank you I have given you all +10 XP each!

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GMD is about to expand and to save the confusion between GMD Membership and the Games I create, I have decided to rebrand the games 5 Dice Games. There is more on this news in the near future but I am not allowed to divulge such information at this time! Exciting!

As part of 5 Dice Games, I will be selling licensed miniatures as well as my own creations! These will be sold under the Old Forge Miniatures Brand.

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Currently in development is a Miniature Battle Game to use these miniatures with! Watch this space!

Latest MVP write-ups and awards!

MVP is the Most Valued Player Award voted on at the end of each Pegasus Engine Playtest session.

Winners earn Red Shards and XP!

MVP: Starfall The Intrepid Episodes 37 to 42

The Cast

Captain Fang Edari

Tactician (Actor: Rich)

Race: Breegan

Position: Ship’s Captain

Skilled in Diplomacy, Tactics, A Variety of Ship Operations

Lieutenant Peridot

Enhancer (Actor: WAracolyte)

Race: Xarian

Position: Ship’s Doctor

Doctor and robotics specialist.

Specialist Bruuk

Scrapper (Actor: Eusi)

Race: Felorian

Position: Ship’s Security

Skilled in Felorian Guerilla warfare.

Lt Junior Jag

Defender (Actor: NoQuarter)

Race: Polarian

Position: Ship’s Engineer

Engineering & Mechanical specialist.

Specialist Kroom

Defender (Actor: Silvereagle)

Race: Kreen

Position: Ship’s Scientist

Skilled in protection and stealth. Kroom is also incredibly observant.

Act Commander Loev Covis

Agitator (Actor: Woadan)

Race: Polarian

Position: Ship’s Scientist

Loev is a skilled interrogator and religious guide.

CPO Aiden Popkiss

Ranged (Actor: Dave)

Race: Colonial

Position: Ship’s Pilot/Security

Skilled in piloting, driving and shooting things.

All artwork was created by GMD Online and supplied for free as part of the GMD Online Membership package. I want to say thank you to all Members for believing in and supporting GMD Online.

The Story So Far…

After being rescued by the Intrepid, Acting Commander Covis took control of the ship and began a rescue operation in the local area. Once he located that the Captain’s party team and the Doctors Camping Trip were on Leviathon, the Intrepid made its way to orbit the moon. Sensors informed him the planet was unstable and was about to start volcanic eruption in the vicinity of both teams.

Leading a rescue party, he decided to rescue the camping trip first. He may need the Doctors’ expertise!

The rescue team arrived at the Camping Trips location and extracted the Doctor and the injured cadets. Locating the Captain he rushed out and extracted the Captain and the away team who were hiding from predators within the wreckage of the crashed pleasure cruiser.

Once extracted the Captain a scanner sweep of the area to look for survivors. They located a power source deep within the nearby jungle.

Before long they landed, and the Captain led the away team to investigate the power source. The power source came from a protective shield covering a large area also hiding what was hidden within. While examining the shield, they were approached by the owner from the other side of the shield. He introduced himself as R’yk A’yn and invited them in as it was dangerous in the jungle.

The Captain ordered a security detail to protect the shuttle. before following the rest in after their guest. When inside they could see a building and gardens all well-kept. While enjoying a nice meal and drink to quench their thirst, they learned that R’yk was in hiding on the planet after the great purge. When the Spectres betrayed the Weavers and turned everyone against them, exiling them from Alliance society.

Love Covis became animated at this time, stating they should arrest the exile to pay for the millions that died because of the Weavers who are blamed for letting the Mecha sweep across the galaxy. Loeve was not swayed by the explanations from R’yk stating it was all lies, spread by the spectres. Still, Covis would not accept the tale, saying he has heard of no such people!

The atmosphere became tense, The Captain ordered Jag to escort Covis to watch over the shuttle.

When volcanic activity began, R’yk accepted Captain Edari’s offer to join The Intrepid as a guest so they could relocate him to a new home. Much to the dissatisfaction of Covis.

Racing to the shuttle avoiding molten rock crashing down on them, they made it just in time. Popkiss manoeuvring the shuttle with expert piloting to avoid the explosions of volcanic activity. Once onboard R’yk was shown to his guest quarters and the Intrepid spent several days helping the local Aurian Authorities with rescue operations and repairs. They also retrieved Peridots Shuttle from the surface, which had minor damage.

Eventually, they collected the new Aurian Crew members to join their crew and started their journey to Polarian Prime after receiving new orders for the Captain to meet with the President on a matter of urgency.

The journey to Polaris Prime was a long Starfall jump. But the crew busied themselves with training and daily duties.

Arriving in Polaris Prime capital system of the Polarian Alliance. They joined the week-long queue of ships making their way through designated space lanes. Thousands of ships were present. Civilian craft patrolled by both local authority and military vessels. The closer they came to the Home World the busier the space lanes became, vessels coming and going. The crew was awed at the size of one of the Polarian Oblivian Class Military ships several kilometres long, sitting like a sentinel watching over the system.

Once they arrived in orbit of the Polaris Prime World, a water world with a giant station enwrapped in the orbit of the world. Large sections are connected by clear tubes. The Captain gathered a team consisting of Kreen, Peridot, Popkiss and Bruuk. They soon docked at a designated docking bay near the Alliance Delegation Council Halls. Passing through strict security, they were transported and then escorted to the Presidential Hall. Where they waited to be seen.

It was not long before the Captain and his team were escorted into President Talimara’s office. After pleasantries, she explained that the StarGuard had reported some disturbing news about Khan’in ships seen in the Turin Nebulae only moments before the crews’ arrival. She was also most disturbed by the news of the Mecha found in the pocket dimension. She pointed out that such information should have been discovered by Polarian intelligence and she fears that something sinister is happening. She implored the Captain to collect his crew and that it was important to ensure all leading members of the Alliance were represented on The Intrepid, and he should leave Alliance Space as soon as possible. The Alliance need sallies now more than ever.

Suddenly 3 Polarian Security Officers walked in and then started shooting the President. But Captain Eldari was faster! His Breegan danger Sense kicking in he jumped across the table and pushed the President aside, who only got grazed by the gunfire. Kreen erected a force field of spores about him and the President. While Bruuk and Popkiss started to draw their weapons, the Polarians made a run for it!

The Captain ordered Dr Peridot and Kreen to protect the President, while he led a chase through the Government buildings with Bruuk and Popkiss. Exchanging blaster fire as they gave chase, they managed to kill one, who transformed into a Khan’in shock trooper (Dog-Like)! The Captain warned the defence team as they continued their pursuit!

They raced out of the buildings and into the street below. Across the street into the main promenade opposite the Military of Defence building. Eventually, they managed to shoot the remaining assassins, who also transformed back into Khan’in. Just as the Captain was about to report in, there was a low thud, followed by a large explosion as the Military of Defence building that hosed the system Jump Inhibitor exploded, sending debris and fire through the station! Knocking Fang, Bruuk and Popkiss over! Then it imploded starting to suck in everything around it like a mini black hole, hungry for the nearby matter! ‘Run!’ the Captain cried, and the three of them found themselves running for their lives.

Meanwhile in Space… Onboard The Intrepid

Acting Commander Covis was talking in the majestic site of his homeworld, a world he had not seen since joining the academy on Theopolis the home of the religious order of the Galactic Light. When suddenly reports came in of an explosion from the government buildings. While he was in the middle of a command to contact the Captain, Sensors started to report hundreds of ships jumping into the system within dangerous proximity of the Homeworld. A Khan’in Armada has arrived along with three Oblivian class vessels and hundreds of escorts! Red Alerts blurted throughout the ship as the Intrepid started to head towards a civilian space lane to protect the craft being targeted. The Intrepid shields flared under random fire from the attack craft. Polarian Militrya caught flat-footed tried to retaliate, with little effect, each ship exploding, and the space in orbit became a treacherous minefield of starship debris.

Captain Fang and the away team raced back towards the President’s suit and manage to avoid being sucked into the Singularity Bomb. Suddenly they became aware of the Khan’in fleet who began to bombard the station, explosions setting off all about them, buildings falling. Khan’in troops began to transport down on top of the station in numbers!

The Captain ordered Peridot and Kroom to escort the President back to The Intrepid as fast as possible, but a member of the StarGuard burst in and swept the President away in a blur. Both teams ran as fast as they could back to the shuttle, avoiding Shock Troopers and debris.

The Captain ordered The Intrepid to rendezvous with them, as they had a Presidential mission to embark upon as soon as possible. Covis was reluctant to leave the Polarian fleet, he had to do more! But the Captain barked the orders to him! So he complied.

Making it to the shuttle and out into space, they soon docked on the battle-worn Intrepid with Khan-in ships hot on their heels. They made an emergency jump out of the system…

Arriving at a jump point just outside, they began to recharge their Stardrives. Sensors showed two other craft in the system, a merchant ship whose Starfall drive was in danger of overloading and requested immediate assistance. There was also a luxury cruiser, which proved to be a bit of a diplomatic problem for the Captain to deal with.

Peridot led a team to assist the Merchant Vessel. On arrival they learned that the engineer had taken serious injuries, Peridot with the aide of Bruuk helped stabilise the engineer while Popkiss and Toka fixed the Stardrives. That’s when a Polarian Battleship and three civilian craft entered the system followed by a Khan’in attack force. A battle ensued, but the Battleship was hugely outgunned and the Attack force had a carrier with them which launched fighters. The fighters immediately descended upon the civilian craft destroying them with ease.

The Captin ordered the Luxury Cruiser and the Merchant Vessel to Jump and sent a set of coordinates while waiting for their shuttle to return from the Merchant’s vessel. Fighters started to close on them all as the Battleship finally exploded. With only minutes to spare, the shuttle returned and the Captain gave the order to jump! They were clear…

While in Starfall the captain spoke to both leaders of the accompanying vessels and explained that The Intrepid was making a detour and would rendezvous with them at the destination in Colonial Space.

En route to their new destination, they gathered for a meal in the ship’s cantina. Here they exchanged tales of dark rumours they had heard through their culture about a dark entity, each culture used a different explanation and name but it all seemed to point to one thing, the Galaxies conquest. This certainly left a sombre mood about the crew, as each struggled to come to terms with what they had just endured.

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: Rich & Woadan

2nd Place: Eusi


1st Place: Waracolyte

2nd Place: Noquarter

3RD Place: Silvereagle

1st Place: Rich

2nd Place: Dave

3RD Place: Waracolyte

1st Place: Rich

2nd Place: Silveragle

3RD Place: eusi

1st Place: Eusi

2nd Place: RICH

3RD Place: WAracolyte

1st Place: Dave

2nd Place: Woadan

3RD Place: Rich

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