Happy Easter! 2020

Thanks to my Patreon supporters for their investment over the Easter Holiday.

I have started the creation of this Easter Themed Adventure. Although it is designed for CORE RPG, using the CORE Conversion rules, it can be adapted to any RPG System of Choice. 

Once I have complete the Following Rewards you will be entitled to the relevant Rewards Dependant on your Support at the time. However, if you increase your support in the future, you may revisit this post and claim the new Tiers worth of reward by leaving a comment below. 

On top of the rewards already existing in the Support Tiers I will give you the following:

Adventurers +

  • Access to FREE Digital Tokens
  • Access to Website Page for New Race!

Champions +

  • FREE PDF of Adventure Download [Includes New Race]
  • FREE Digital Battle Map  Download 
  • FREE Digital Figure Flats  Download 


  • FREE Printed Battle Map
  • FREE Printed New Race Stat Card


  • FREE Printed Figure Flats & Token Sheet   


  • FREE Printed Copy of Adventure

To order your Reward leave a Happy Easter message in the comments below…

I will keep you all in comments below too.up to date with the progress of the creation of this reward 

Hunt For The Golden Egg:

The Rhion of Briars Hatch, deep within the Valleys of Rūne, has been stricken with a terrible disease that is sweeping through its citizens. No Prayer or Spell seems to cure the infliction and a band of brave adventurers have also contracted the disease after visiting the tiny Rhion. They must hunt for the legendary Golden Egg, whose properties are rumoured to cleanse any ailments upon consumption… 

The problem is the owner of such an egg is not too happy about giving it up!

Can the adventurers save the Rhion of Briars Hatch and themselves?

  • New Race: Kōniklōs

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