Guardians Of Azkalon

This is a Quick-Fire LoR Campaign Setting Adventure for CORE RPG. There will be a character creation session on the 11th of October for GMD Members and the first session will commence on 25th October.

The mysterious Guardians of Azkalon, the Atherion (Winged Folk) loyal minions of Athaena protector of Azkalon, come under attack by the dreaded Nephilim! They must battle hard to protect the gates of Azkalon, the gateway to the realms of the gods… Do you have what it takes to turn back the forces of evil? Do you have what it takes to stand as honoured guard to the gods themselves? Then Become the hero you were born to be in this Winged-Folk tale Guardians of Azkalon.

Sign up on Discord in the rpg-games-ads channel. Only 6 spaces are available!

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