Great Start to the Campaign

Funded In 1 Hour!

A fantastic start getting funded within 1 hour of starting the campaign. 

Thank you all for believing in what I do and I cannot wait to get these products into your hands!

But that is not all…

We have unlocked the first stretch goal:

£500 – Pre-Gen Party Pack:

This Stretch Goal will provide you with 24 Pre-generated Characters from 4 different genres!

Each Genre will have 6 roles to create a party of 6.

  • 6 x Fantasy.
  • 6 x Modern.
  • 6 x Sci-Fi.
  • 6 x Supers.

Physical & Digital Reward

I already have the sci-fi and super character cards created, there are a couple more than 6 each so I may just throw the whole team in as well! 

I just can’t help myself!

Each Pregenerated Character will be provided on an A5 (210mm x 148mm/6″x8″) and be printed front and back.

Here are the old CORE versions they need a slight rebuild to co-inside with the new Pegasus Engine.

Front Preview (Sgt Shields of Pendragon our Supers Preview)

Back Preview

I will showcase each character in turn once I have set up the new template and adjusted their powers to reflect the new streamlined Power System in Pegasus Engine. Plus the design needs the new logo too. 

Watch this space!

I could not have done this without any of you! You are my Champions…

Martin Harper

Gaming Media Designs

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