GMD’s Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Review!

It’s HERE!

Last night I had my e-mail notifying of the arrival of my SWADE PDF….

I was extremely excited to say the least, so I downloaded and dove straight in till the early hours of the morning like a crazed mad man reading the Necronomican!

At a glance

At first I did not really know what to make of the cover, it still hasn’t grown on me, but the cover certainly does not reflect the content. The content is amazing. The artwork has the same style throughout but I didn’t really take any notice I was too busy wanting to learn what has changed!

Delving Deeper

Drawn into to the deeper text of this printed temptress, The hours passed by quicker than humanly possible, perhaps I was trapped within some timeless dimension? But I learned that the characters now have Core Skills which is a nice edition , although nothing wrong with the way it was before, that said, I like it. Characters seem to now have a set amount of skills at d4.

The skills have changed and I really, really like the new skills list!

I flicked through the edges and Hindrances. I noticed some changes to the old edges and a batch of new ones too. The hindrances provided more and the way they give you development points has slightly changed [unless I didn’t realise it was always this way], providing much more variety and interesting Hindrances.

I was seduced by these Hindrances, my mind full of fantasies of creating a character! What was I thinking? I don’t create character I cannot stand character creation! What sorcery am I reading?

Drawn deeper into this tome, Eager to get into the rules my hunger for knowledge was not quenched. I read on…


The rules changes leaves the game familiar and not much effort was required to learn them. The changes seemed like they should have always been there. I particularly like the multi-action rules. When I first heard about this change, I was resistant but now reading it I understand and it will hopefully be for the best, cannot wait to play test it!

Another rule change I really really like are the change to the Test of Wills, now called Tests. Bravo! Pinnacle, Bravo! They results are vastly improved, making the target either distracted or vulnerable, instead of just a benefit to the taunter / intimidater, it benefits the whole team.

I noticed that a few setting rules had been made actual rules such as the Jokers Wild, critical fail [I like this rule a lot].

Bennies have more uses too, allowing for greater control by the players, changing the scene slightly and even regaining power points.

Oh… then I discovered the dark magic…


As a GM I use Interludes a lot, I really love them as they reward the players for getting deep in roleplay. But the old rules have changed a lot….

They are awesome! they appear to really open up the Interlude scene and allow for players to get involved in a variety of ways.


Chases have changed and I’m still trying to get my head around it, could be due to the dream like giddiness that was washing over me due to lack of sleep.

I skipped on to take a peek at the magic. One of the Arcane Background edges had changed from Super Power to Gifted. This is perfect for the LoR Campaign Setting, and my mind raced with the possibility of getting it Savage ready!

I dove straight on, hoping that the powers would follow the great changes of the rest of the book, I was delighted.

Although the power list had not really changed too much, They had added a modification rule, that works much like the super powers book, Now powers can be modified on the fly!

Paranoia set in! Have I been infiltrated by Pinnacle?  Had they seen my Spell system? … I then I returned to reality, realising the possessing powers of this tome! [and the lateness of the time]

I quickly turned to the bestiary and liked the multiple Wounds addition.

Finally, I sat up straight, wiped my tired eyes and closed the tome [Switched off my laptop] and decided that I shall return another time and study its text ready for the games in 2019!

Savage Worlds Adventure Edition gets a big thumbs up from GMD Online! Lets see what the players think!

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