GMD’s NWN2 LoR Online Server

I have been a very busy bee!

Since the last post back in April 2018 I have been working my little socks off!


Updates so far:

Server version Alpha 4.9 to 6.0 — Updated 07/10/2018
– 1 new quest added
– ALL New overland map scale added


  • Sailing added to overland map


– Movement rates added to Overland Map
– Music Changes made to overland map [still requires perfecting]
– Encounter Spawns shrunk to Overland map scale
– 35 interior areas/dungeons added
– 55 Overland Map Tiles added READ ABOUT IT HERE


– Wickton Bay decorated and completed
– Nestor town and surrounded area started to be decorated

– Shalna Coast linked
– Shalna pass linked
– Shalna linked
– Lougaine Coast linked
– Dock Caost linked
– Troll Forest added and decorated and completed

– Lougaine linked and started to decorate
– Shalna Temple Ruins Overland map added
– Lougaine Ruins overland map added

– ALL NEW starting area added and decorated
– ALL New starter quest and world info added
– 5 New quests started
– Exploration system added
– Persistent XP for exploration bug fixed
– Loot Box keys amended in East Craggs.
– Fishing System Added

– Fishing added to Krendal
– Vaylen Institute added to Nestor

– Lore Book Quest added
– Slayer Deed added
– Krendal Border Textures bug fixed
– Dock Decorated

– Delphi Island updated



Server version Alpha 4.8 — Updated 27/07/2018
– 1 new quest added
– Description added to loot box keys
– Overland Map PC size adjusted to match scenery
– Companion Camp test a success [Problem with companions not shrinking on Overland Map]
– Nestor layout added to Overland Map
– texture and sculpting added to overland map
– bins added to Krendal and Wicton
– companion system working (Not yet added, need to work out interaction with the overland map, companions are not yet shrinking to player size)
– ships working fine (require adding deeds of purchase to implement)
– Texture added to NW Krendal
– Trees and Placeables added to NW Krendal
– Wickton Decorated
– Lighting added to NW Krendal

Server version Alpha 4.7 — Updated 17/05/2018
– Wickton WP added
– 1 x New Recipe added
– Spawn Point in Goblin caves fixed
– Alpha testing of shipping fixed
– Added decoration to Wickton
– 2 x dungeon added
– Amended some typo’s
– Alpha test Ship system added to Overland Map
– New Overland Map added for Alpha Testing
– Marsh King Story complete
– 4 x New Quest Added

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