GMD VIP Members Club

  • Members earn their level of support in XP for winning MVP in a GMD roleplaying session.
  • Members earn their monthly support level in XP each month on the day of subscription renewal.
  • Members can earn XP in competitions & rewards
  • Members that are GMs gain 10 XP per player at their table which rewards MVP.
  • Members can earn XP by taking part in the Nexus Online – See Discord.
  • Members gain Shards by participating in Nexus and other competitions, including RPG MVP.
  • Personal VIP Members Service – I will work on a product of your choice each month according to your level of support. (see below).

GMD Online love creating content and providing you services for your support. If you can think of anything that has not been included please feel free to contact us on Discord (See bottom of this page for Discord Access)

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Earn Community Shards

EArn and spend Shards in the Nexus the GMD Online MMORPG run by a Games Master using Foundry VTT, see Nexus below!

GMD V.I.P. Members Personal Service

Why I did not think of this before is beyond me… I’m putting it down with VTT interruptions!

Since our Patreon Members manage how many hours I spend each month creating the FREE access to the Pegasus Engine CORE RPG. And our GMD VIP Members manage how much time is spent creating new products and what is created. I decided to give VIPs something more…

Each member will decide what I create for them each month.

Each member decides what THEY personally want to see being created. This can be anything:

  • Artwork such as collectible cards, posters, Encounter Cards, battle maps, maps, or just art.
  • Music
  • Adventures, Guide Books Campaign Settings
  • Miniatures etc…

How does it work?

Each tier of support gets allocated a slot of time each month. During that time I will go live on Discord/Twitch and work solely on a product for you as an individual. I will also announce what day and time I’m doing your work.

How much time do I get?

  • GMD Starter Member – You will get 15 minutes a month
  • GMD Basic Member – You will get 30 minutes a month
  • GMD Advanced Member – You will get 1 hour a month
  • GMD Elite Member – You will get 2 hours a month
  • GMD Ultimate Member – You will get 3 and a half hours a month
  • GMD Legendary Member – You will get 1 day a month You can change your personal focus at any time!

VIP Service Request Form

How to request:

When you have decided on what product you would like to see created for you. Go to the gmd-members-general channel and post what you would like to see starting it with ‘VIP Request’ Alternatively if you would prefer your request to be private send me a private message. Members can use the form below (You will need to be logged in to view the form)

You need to earn 1 XP to access this reward

You may change your request at any time!

Not a member? why not sign up and take advantage of the personal service!

GMD Online Member Rewards

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Download all FREE Goods from one location:

Available to non-members as well as GMD Online Club Members 

Official Members Only Access

Foundry VTT Download: If you have not yet spent XP to access this download then visit the Login/My Account page to do so.

Gain Access to this content by becoming a member & Members you have to spend 10 XP from your login page to access this content or make usr eyou are logged in if you have already purchased this.

What is Nexus online?

Nexus Online is an Online Pegasus Engine CORE RPG Multiplayer RPG using the Foundry VTT.

You start as an avatar, a new character created with just a Role, no race, no extra development. You then have to venture through the Nexus and through portals to the CORE Worlds to embark on Missions, Raids, and Blitz to earn shards to develop your character and obtain followers to help you on your quests.

It is currently only for Members. Members you will need to be logged in to gain access to the following information.

You need to earn 1 XP to access this reward

GMD VIP Member you need to be logged in to see the below link.

You need to earn 1 XP to access this reward