Welcome to the Official GMD VIP Members Page. This is where members can log in and access unique rewards and services.

Let me show you what the six different membership levels provide you and then you can decide how to support GMD online.

Why Support GMD?

GMD is dedicated to developing high-quality professional products at a low cost. This is done because of the members who believe in GMD.

Furthermore, in return, I provide these products for free to qualifying members!

Did you know that you can be a member for only £5 a month? Crazy huh?!

Not A Member?

GMD Online love creating content and providing you services for your support. If you can think of anything that has not been included please feel free to contact us on Discord (See bottom of this page for Discord Access)

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What do you get by becoming a member?

You can purchase a membership from the links below, but first, let’s check out what you get!

Name in all Newly Created Products

I will thank you personally for your support in all products I create, which has been made possible by your support! Because without you I could not have done it! I am eternally grateful…

VIP Discord/Website Members Access

You will gain access to the VIP Members Discord channels and Members Only sections of the website. Where you will gain early previews of up-and-coming products.

Access to Polls to shape the future of our products to meet our member’s needs.

Member-only activities and forms for requesting particular products to be created that you as an individual are interested in.

Monthly Experience Points

As a member, you will earn monthly experience points which you can spend on a variety of activities, unlock hidden rewards, or add FREE content to your seasonal Build-A-Box packs.

Build-A-Box – Seasonal Pack of FREE Products of choice

All VIP Members receive seasonal (Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter) Packs for FREE and postage FREE to anywhere in the world! Some product restrictions based on country of destination may apply.

Products Include, but not limited to:

  • Role Playing Games
  • Board Games
  • Card Games
  • Accessories
  • Guide Books
  • Adventures
  • Campaign Settings
  • Miniatures
  • Special Gifts we purchase to give away
  • Online Vouchers
  • Limited Edition Gifts
  • Seasonal Rewards

So what are you waiting for join the family today!!

Become a Member Today!

Earn Community Shards

Earn and spend Shards in the Online Playtest games run by GMD Online’s dedicated Games Master, using Foundry VTT.

Here is what the shards provide you!

Red Shard

  • Use this in Playtest games to gain extra currency to spend in your game. The maximum you can use in a single session is equal to 100 x character SOC Level.

Orange Shard

  • Use this in Playtest games to gain extra CDP to spend on your character. Maximum of 10 per session.

Yellow Shard

  • Use this in Playtest games to gain a 1-use Bonus Dice Level equal to the number of shards spent.

Green Shard

  • Use this in Playtest games to remove a Hindrance Effect from your character.

Blue Shard

  • Use this at the start of Playtest games to prevent Momentum from refreshing at the end of scenes for that session.

Purple Shard

  • Use this in Playtest games to refresh 1 Hero Level

How To Earn These Shards?

  • Shards can be purchased with XP
  • Shards are rewarded for participating in activities across the website.
  • 3 Red Shard for 1st place MVP, 2 for 2nd place, and 1 for 3rd.
  • Shards can be purchased from the store. (coming soon)

Membership XP

Membership XP is a reward system that allows members to access rewards, earn, purchase shards & unique prizes, and add products to their Seasonal Packs.

How To Obtain XP?

  • Earn XP monthly as a part of your VIP Membership
  • Members also earn XP in competitions
  • As part of special prizes and events on the GMD website
  • Purchased from the store. (coming soon)
  • By purchasing products from the store
  • Members that back Kickstarters also earn XP when they back one of our successful Kickstarters

GMD V.I.P. Members Product Request Service

Why I did not think of this before is beyond me… I’m putting it down with VTT interruptions!

Since our Patreon Members https://www.patreon.com/gmdonline manage how many hours I spend each month creating the FREE access to the Pegasus Engine CORE RPG. And our GMD VIP Members https://www.gmdonline.co.uk/gmdmemberspage/ manage how much time is spent creating new products and what is created. I decided to give VIPs something more…

Each member will decide what I create for them each month.

Each member decides what THEY personally want to see being created. This can be anything:

  • Artwork such as collectible cards, posters, Encounter Cards, battle maps, maps, or just art.
  • Music
  • Adventures, Guide Books Campaign Settings
  • Miniatures etc…

How does it work?

Each tier of support gets allocated a slot of time each month. During that time I will go live on Discord/Twitch and work solely on a product for you as an individual. I will also announce what day and time I’m doing your work.

How much time do I get?

  • GMD Basic Member – You will get 15 minutes a month
  • GMD Advanced Member – You will get 30 minutes a month
  • GMD Elite Member – You will get 1 hour a month
  • GMD Ultimate Member – You will get 2 hours a month
  • GMD Legendary Member – You will get 4 hours a month

VIP Member  Product Design Form

The form has moved to its own page.

You need to earn 1 XP to access this reward

GMD Online Member Rewards

Foundry VTT Early access Download: Spend XP to gain this reward:

Gain Access to this content by becoming a member & Members you have to spend 10 XP from your login page to access this content or make usr eyou are logged in if you have already purchased this.

GMD VIP Member you need to be logged in to see the below link.

You need to earn 1 XP to access this reward

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