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Here you will see all your current rewards and links to services, membership info, links to XP Rewards and links to competitions available to Members. You will also find links to all products.
You will need to spend shards to gain access to some of the rewards,
see shards below, some rewards will require XP to gain access.
Online Product access is available to all Members
so make sure you have a Level 0 or above Membership package.

Notice date: 7th July 2024

Latest VIP Member News

EXPO FREE Miniature Reward!

The FREE Miniature offer is now officially over! I have now printed off all the orders claiming their FREE Miniature and they will be sent out once I have gathered all the Summer Pack around mid-August.
We send out Physical goods, 4 times a year postage free to all VIP Members. This allows members to save their XP and decide what they would like to add to their seasonal packs throughout the season.

Wait… What about VIP FREE Miniatures?
All VIP Members will get to choose what miniatures they add to their seasonal pack
for free without having to spend valuable XP!!

How many you get will depend on your Level:
Level 1 gains 2 Miniatures of choice.
Level 2 gains 3 Miniatures of choice.
Level 3 gains 4 Miniatures of choice.
Level 4 gains 5 Miniatures of choice.
Level 5 gains 6 Miniatures of choice.

Choosing these will be only open for a limited time!
So watch this space…

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Member Rewards?

Name in all Newly Created Products

I will thank you personally for your support in all products I create, which has been made possible by your support, regardless of how long you have been with us! Because without you I could not have done it! I am eternally grateful…

VIP Discord Access

Gain access to the VIP Members Discord channels.

Log into Discord today, once there send GMD Online a message requesting access to the VIP Section.

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Seasonal Pack News


Earn and spend Shards in the Online Playtest games run by GMD Online’s dedicated Games Master, using Foundry VTT. Or by entering online competitions.

Here is what the shards provide you!

Red Shard

  • Red Shards are used to access Tier 1 (red) zones within the website.
  • They are also used to purchase resources for our play-by-web forms games.

Orange Shard

  • Orange Shards are used to access Tier 2 (orange) zones within the website.
  • They are also used to purchase resources for our play-by-web forms games.
  • Can be used to purchase Red Shards

Yellow Shard

  • Yellow Shards are used to access Tier 3 (yellow) zones within the website.
  • They are also used to purchase resources for our play-by-web forms games.
  • Can be used to purchase Orange Shards

Green Shard

  • Green Shards are used to access Tier 4 (green) zones within the website.
  • They are also used to purchase resources for our play-by-web forms games.
  • Can be used to purchase Yellow Shards

Blue Shard

  • Blue Shards are used to access Tier 5 (blue) zones within the website.
  • They are also used to purchase resources for our play-by-web forms games.
  • Can be used to purchase Green Shards

Purple Shard

  • Purple Shards are used to access Tier 6 (purple) zones within the website.
  • They are also used to purchase resources for our play-by-web forms games.
  • Can be used to purchase Blue Shards

How To Earn These Shards?

  • Shards can be purchased with XP
  • Other Shards
  • Shards are rewarded for participating in activities across the website.
  • 3 Red Shards for 1st place MVP, 2 for 2nd place, and 1 for 3rd.
  • Shards can be purchased from the store.
  • Leaving comments on posts and pages
  • Navigating through the website
  • Logging in
  • and much more…

Membership XP

Membership XP is a reward system that allows members to access rewards, earn, purchase shards & unique prizes, and add products for free to their Seasonal Packs.

How To Obtain XP?

  • Earn XP monthly as a part of your VIP Membership
  • Members also earn XP in competitions
  • As part of special prizes and events on the GMD website
  • Purchased from the store. (VIP Members Only)
  • By purchasing products from the store
  • Members that back Kickstarters also earn XP when they back one of our successful Kickstarters

Monthly Experience Points

As a member, you will earn monthly experience points to spend on various activities: unlock hidden rewards, or add FREE content to your seasonal packs.

Members Services

Why I did not think of this before is beyond me… I’m putting it down with VTT interruptions!

Since our Patreon Members manage how many hours I spend each month creating the FREE access to the Pegasus Engine CORE RPG. And our GMD VIP Members manage how much time is spent creating new products and what is created. I decided to give VIPs something more…

Each member will decide what I create for them each month.

Each member decides what THEY want to see being created. This can be anything:

  • Artwork such as collectable cards, posters, Encounter Cards, battle maps, maps, or just art.
  • Music
  • Adventures, Guide Books Campaign Settings
  • Miniatures etc…

How does it work?

Each tier of support gets allocated a slot of time each month. During that time I will go live on Discord/Twitch and work solely on a product for you as an individual. I will also announce what day and time I’m doing your work.

How much time do I get?

  • GMD Level 1 Member – You will get 15 minutes a month
  • GMD Level 2 Member – You will get 30 minutes a month
  • GMD Level 3 Member – You will get 1 hour a month
  • GMD Level 4 Member – You will get 1 and a half hours a month
  • GMD Level 5 Member – You will get 2 hours a month

Include the following:

Include the following services:

  • Support GMD today and together we will build better worlds!
  • As a member you will gain access to digital content years before public release. Gain access to Members only pages, polls, and discord channels. Utilise Member only forms to help direct creation focus. Receive Free Printed and Digital products throughout the year by spending XP. Access a variety of Workshops, online competitions and online adventures to take part in..
  • GMD is dedicated to providing you with the skills and knowledge to reach your gaming goals.
  • Our live and recorded video workshops guide you through:
  • Learning 5 Dice Game Rules
  • Becoming a Games MasterPlayer WorkshopsConcept to Published
  • Reaching your life Goals
  • Live Paint-A-Thon
  • Other Available Products

Product Request Form

The form has moved to its own page.

Access the VIP Members XP Chart

VIP Members of Level 1+ can gain access to the VIP Store below to spend their XP.
Members you MUST be logged in to access the store.
All physical rewards are sent out 4 times a year (Seasonally) postage-free.

This content is only available to GMD VIP Members of Level 1+. Members you need to log in to access ththis content log in

Access GMD Products

Preview and explore our range of products. Gain insight into rules and settings before you spend your XP.

Board Games

Click the link below to visit our range of board games that are either available now or under development.

Card Games

View all the latest rules, updates, workshops and tutorials available for our collectable card games.

Miniature Battle Games

Check out the latest rules, force books and tutorials for our skirmish and wargames. Also, check out the latest miniature ranges in development.

Role Playing Games

Access our online flipbooks showcasing rules, adventures, region guides, CORE Worlds and guidebooks.

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