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Each month I work on content requested by GMD VIP Members based on their Membership levels.

The higher the level the more time is spent on what you personally want to see.

Most Members have kindly said that I take some time off as part of their Membership and relax, others have said to treat GMD Sarah to a meal out… so I did.

But luckily a few still wanted some work done, which helps me stay focused on the products that you want to see!


So on Monday, Thanks to VIP Member Eusi, I spent the day developing Onslaught the Card & Dice CORE Game and it is nearly done! The first proof cards have been printed and at a glance, I can see a few changes, I’m sure there will be some spelling errors that will need fixing too!


Wednesday I was joined by VIP Members Byron and Waracolyte to work on VIP Member Byrons request for Starfall content. As with any Campaign Setting Starfall CORE World requires a map. So, the Star Map required grid coordinates I managed to get another three rings of coordinates completed in the time allocated to this project.

Whats Next?

Check out the Itinerary for the rest of this month!

  • April 22nd @ 10:00 – Onslaught 3 1/2 Hours Thanks to Loonabay
  • April 22nd @ 15:00 – Starguard Comic Art 1 Hour Thanks to Sophie
  • April 25th @ 15:00 – LoR: Lizard Races/Encounters 2 Hours Thanks to Woadan
  • April 26th @ 12:00 – Sirona Art Card & StarGuard CORE World 1 Hour Thanks to Waracolyte
  • April 28th @ 15:00 – Starfall Character Artwork 3 1/2 Hours Thanks to Silver

Join me live on Discord as I work on the content (All times are UK Times)

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