GMD Quarterly Moot Results

GMD Moot June 2019

The First GMD Moot was a success as we discuss a variety of topics.

The Moot itself was designed to last only one hour, but after a mammoth 3 hours of brainstorming etc, the moot finally came to an end. But so many great ideas where discussed.

Here is some insight of what will be coming to GMD Online as a result of the GMD Moot.

Thank you to Hrefn for suggestion regarding Polls using Reactions in Discord.

What does GMD Stand for?

I could not decide between Games & Media Designs or Galactic & Mythic Designs. So I put it to the vote and it was decided by majority vote that Games & Media Designs would be preferable.

What did everyone feel about a Game Club Night?

The idea was to set up a night dedicated to playing:

  • RPGs on FG2,
  • ROll 20
  • TTS
  • Board Games
  • Wargames on TTS
  • Card Games on TTS
  • Having Leagues etc…

These take place on a given night and run by anyone who wished to organise something for games night.

It was also agreed by majority vote that the club night should be during the week.

Which night will be decided will have to go to a GMD Online Poll in the near future.

I am planning to go ahead with this idea sometime in September! Watch this space.

Future Games coming to GMD Online

an announcement was made of the following games coming to GMD Online

July 2019

GM Draeus would be organising a game of X-Wing on Tabletop simulator.

August 2019

GM Draeus would be organising a game of Spell-fire on Tabletop Simulator.

September 2019

GM Draeus would be starting a Necessary Evil Campaign

GM Spike would be starting a Pathfinder Rise of the Rune-Lords adventure.

Other Games

It was advised that perhaps GM Draeus could run more games at a rate of once a month dotted through out the month.

Personally I think they are trying to kill me!


The GMD Core RPG was the discussed and it has been received with high praises, which is very encouraging indeed. Examples of products were shown and discussed including the Character cards, Specialisation, Perk, Statistic cards.


The idea of creating our own music for live shows was discussed and different software to use. Woadan then shared what he was capable of.

GMD Role Playing Comic

It appears everyone is impressed with the Role Playing Comic, where players get to react to conflicts and decide the fate of the story as if they were playing an RPG.

It was explained that there will be other titles coming, including an Origin story for Thunda as part of her Pantheon support Tier. There would also be a LoR Comic and I would be recreating the Beasts & Barbarian campaign in Graphic Novel Form.

I explained that in the future of the RPC. Players would decide their actions using online forms via the website. These forms would be found on their personal page.

Also the idea of choosing video display of dice rolls using an alphabet system, which would then decide which random video of a dice roll would be used for their rolls, to dictate the outcome of actions within the comic. This was received positively and has been added to the GMD Online to do list!

GMD Members Personal Page

I explained that all Patreon members would receive a personal webpage that would have all their required links and forms to interact with all of their Tier awards.

It would also be used to play in the web based conquest games such as Hubris: Rise of Nations, and Starfall: Galactic Conquest.

The GMD Community

I asked members to request for their games to be added to the calendar even if they do not have sign up requests and not just for RPG’s, but other online events such as guild nights in MMOs etc.

NoQuarter will be organising a Warhammer Total Ware fare campaign in the near future.

Hrefn and Spike are going to add their private group games to the calendar but they will not be available to sign ups. This will help make the calendar look appealing and attract more members.

GMD Online Patreon

It was agreed that the GMD Patreon seems to be growing from strength to strength and the Tier awards are exciting and generous. With more to follow in the near future!

All new games will be advertised down the Tiers.

It was also asked if members could head out and advertise GMD Online. The more support GMD Online gets the more products will be available faster. Especially artwork.

So finally.. it is possible I may have forgotten a few topics as it has been a week or two since the Moot. If I have missed out anything please leave a comment below!

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