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Hi folks!

Bringing you up to date with progress.

Logging in to the GMD Online website with Patreon has been causing headaches, so I am logging in some time to look for a better log in process so that it makes it easier to log in with Patreon and gain access to the content.

I am in the process of looking through the rules to bring them up to date with the changes. I am currently working on the PERKs. I have started to write up the paragraphs in an understandable format rather than the raw ideas that is available on the website. Once each section is completed, I will update the website with the updated rules.

I have organised the project and it is looking like the Rules will be complete approximately around June. I will keep you up to date with this progress. This may increase as time becomes tighter or decrease depending on Goal Levels reached.

The First Session Play Test is approximately 50% complete and will be ready in time for Next Thursdays Live Show. 

I am currently running 3 other campaigns, which I will be bringing down to 1. The plan is to continue with Beasts & Barbarians until the end of Summer and to review if this campaign will continue once the next Milestone has been reached. So far this is a hit with the players and has been voted to continue.

Savage Worlds Lord of the Rings is planned to finish at the end of May. This will be replaced with a short adventure chosen by Patrons of Champion Tier or Above.

5th Edition Middle Earth starts in a few weeks time once character creation has been completed. I have an adventure planned for this game, and if voted to continue will run a second. 

I developed an introduction to GMD Online Patreon and what the projects entail, I also developed a thank you video to all my supporters. 

So as you can see a lot of planning and developing going on. This has not left room for NWN2 or the LoR MMO development this month. But I do plan to get back into the swing of development next month.

I am re-organising the Goals to smaller levels that will open up Live Streams of me developing the projects, I will invite you all to come and keep me company talk about the Settings and the Rules and anything else you wish to. I want to engage with my supporters and hear your ideas. Also the Goals will open up more time for me to spend on particular projects bringing them to you faster.

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