GMD Projects Progress

Hi Patrons!

I have provided you with a Projects Progress Page, so that you can see how I am coming along in the design. Feel free to leave comments with suggestions, or pop into Discord and join me in a discussion.


  • Raw Rules are available online
  • Rules are being Play Tested
  • Rules are being re-written and will be replacing the rules on the website with something legible. Currently rewriting Perks.
  • Cover concept is being prepared and a commission order is due to be placed mid March
  • Play test of Asteros region is underway.
  • Asteros Map created.
  • Being brainstormed
  • Awaiting set up in a Word document
  • Awaiting being set up in a word document
  • Awaiting being set up in a word document


  • Live server
  • Awaiting new quest system
  • Crafting being brainstormed
  • Overland map being developed

3D LoR Environment / MMO

  • Landmass being sculpted
  • Dock region being textured

Core RPG VTT Material

  • Tabletop Simulator Pre-gens created
  • TTS Play aides created
  • TTS environment created
  • working on automated character sheets
  • FG2 play aides created
  • More Core set up for play test
  • Awaiting own ruleset
  • LoR VTT being brainstormed

Open Source Material

  • Setting Template being brainstormed
  • eBook Template being brainstormed