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GMD Patreon Page Set Up!


I have gone and set up a Patreon Page to seek support to get the LoR projects off the ground.

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LoR: Legends of Rhea will be available in a multitude of systems and VTT platforms.

Tabletop Simulator

I am currently developing the TTS platform for play testing.

Fantasy Grounds

I will be developing the LoR setting and rules within Fantasy Grounds 2 as well…

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Here’s a look at a Spacehulk adventure I designed for the Savage Worlds Rules on Fantasy Grounds.

Online – GMD Website

The LoR Core RPG will be available to all Patrons on our website:

Neverwinter Nights 2

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I also utilize the NWN2 Toolset to build a 3D version of my game world. Although I would like to produce the LoR world in NWN2 time is against me, so I have decided to recreate it during the Dark Ages of LoR, The gods have mysteriously vanished, all but the One God remain.

More Images can be found on the NWN2 dedicated LoR website, Link at the top of this webpage.

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Many of the games can be found on our Calendar:

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