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Welcome to GMD Online Games Club!

The Ultimate Gaming Experience

What is GMD?

GMD is an exclusive online games club. To give the Ultimate Gaming Experience to its members. We run online Role-Playing, Board and War games and guilds on MMO’s alike.

RPG’s, Wargames & Boardgames:
Using Fantasy Grounds & Tabletop Simulator online Virtual Table. Here you can roll dice, move game pieces about a full-colour board.


Our community play a variety of MMO’s feel free to join in their guilds or play along side each other! GMD does run a NWN2 server for it’s members to play in.

We also have our own Discord server so communication is quick and easy without having to have ninja typing skills.

Come join in for FREE Link on Home Page!

Access Premium Member areas of the server with a Premium GMD Membership.

What’s needed to play?

Fantasy Grounds & Discord.

FGII logoFantasy Grounds can be downloaded HERE

Discord can be joined HERE

Tabletop Simulator can be downloaded HERE

Neverwinter Nights 2 can be dowbloaded HERE

  • Keep up to date with current games on our Games Calendar by clicking HERE
  • Membership package as shown by clicking HERE
  • Each GMD Game has a player voted tournament called MVP. Most Valued Player. Perks can be earned for each MVP won. Perk is game dependent and GM dependent.
  • View the MVP Tournament Page Now HERE!

Game Day Survey:

Let us know which days are good for gaming for you! 
You may select more than one day, so if you have a choice of days let us know which of these days would suit you.

Why do this survey?

This survey helps the GMD Online GM’s decide which day is best to launch an adventure or campaign on.

What day is a good gaming day for you?
8 votes · 30 answers
Choose DaysResults

Please feel free to leave comments below! We would love to hear about any ideas for achievements, perks and other benefit ideas for our Members…

I wish to thank our Patrons for supporting GMD. I have set up a Patron Thank you Page on LoR Core RPG.

Content below is for Premium members only.

If you are unable to access the Premium Members channel on Discord you must Contact GMD now!

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